National Coalition For Men
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NCFM is the oldest men's rights organization in America and
actively works toward the equitable treatment of everyone,
regardless of gender. NCFM is gender inclusive. In fact, the
President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Deborah Watkins,
is past President of the National Organization of
WomenTulane County Texas.

To learn more about NCFM go to
National Coalition For Men.

You can become a member of NCFM using the "Join"
button on almost any page on this site. Dues are $35 for
national and $20 for our local chapter.
You must join the
national organization to join a chapter, which is $55
from the date that you join.
Beliefs and Membership
NCFM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.
Federal Employees may use the
Combined Federal Campaign.
NCFM-SD's CFC# is 17785.


Information about becoming a member of the National
Coalition For Men is on the right...

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  • Government and the judicial system must ensure
    equal responsibilities along with equal rights
    regardless of gender

  • Harmful gender stereotypes must stop

  • DNA paternity testing must be required at all live
    births and/or before any order to pay child support

  • Children deserve two responsible parents

  • Equal presumptive shared parenting laws must
    apply and modified only by clear and convincing
    evidence  that a parent is unfit

  • Women should sign up for the Selective Service
    or the Selective Service should end.

  • False accusers must be prosecuted and
    sanctioned to the fullest extent.

  • criminal sentences must be equal and based on
    severity not gender

  • Preferential  treatment by gender in education,
    employment, health, social services, the media,
    and sports must stop.

  • Truth trumps Ideology and political correctness