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Syllabus GILES v. CALIFORNIA The Court found that the
Sixth Amendment, which affords persons the right to
confront and cross-examine their accusers, held in
domestic violence cases.

August 2008: Hollander v University of Columbia (women
studies department) the complaint.  Excellent overview of
how such programs discriminate and minimize the men
as a gender. Here's the
"First Amended Complaint" filed
December 2008.

December 2008: In the Marriage of Brandes: Court rules
that $70 million plus in wealth not enough to pay up to $3
million in legal fees for divorce. This outrageous decision
clearly exemplifies the absurdity of related laws and
Court Cases
The California Men's Center  is the first name that comes to mind
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coaching is dependable, reliable, and demonstrates a real interest
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Regardless of where you live, it's hoped that these cases will help you
with your personal situation or cause you to help others.
Marc Angelucci and David Woods
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June 2005: Angelucci et. al. v Century Supper Club.
Famous California case prohibiting discrimination
on gender and differential pricing. NCFM member
Marc Angelucci representing plaintiff.

March 2007: Fogerty-Hardwick v. County of Orange
County, et al: Orange County, California, jury finds
Child Protective Services worker and agency liable for
$4.5 million plus.

April 2008: Woods et. al. v Shewry et. al.
brief,including the court of appeal decision. This
landmark case
drew a great deal of national and
international attention, including an article in Ireland,
Men Can be Victims too!

Crespo v Crespo: New Jersey case with enormous DV
industry implications  that establishedproof of
domestic violence requires clear and convincing
evidence by virtue of the Due Process Clause of the
Fourteenth Amendment. See David Usher article,

JERSEY". Also, The New Star Chamber: The New Jersey
Family Court and the Prevention of Domestic Violence
Act, by David Heleniak