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Three years and still going I've been embroiled in a
debilitating contentious divorce and child custody battle
for several years, all to the detriment of my children and
self. I would like people to know that the Men's Center is the
only place I've found that deals with gender discrimination
within the legal system, particularly the Family Court
System. The California Men's Center is a growing alliance
of men and women forging ahead to make our system of
justice more equitable and less costly and traumatic for all
involved, particularly men and their children. Over the last
year and a half Center staff have helped me with
documents and provided morale support, including
accompanying me hearings when needed. I have regularly
attended evening meetings, made numerous new
acquaintances and friends, all of whom share similar
experiences to mine. If you have a similar situation call the
Men's Center and see if they can help.

Edward G, October 2006
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Experts have agreed for over ten years now that sole custody is generally a form of child
abuse. Yet divorce judges award sole custody to mothers over 85% of the time making
these judges and the legislators who pass related laws the most prolific child abusers
on the planet. Why? Because states receive BILLIONS of dollars annually from the
federal government in matching funds for child support (
SSA title IVd). Not only do the
funds float the industry allowing it to vacuum billions of dollars more from parents and
their extended families, but the funds shape policy and training of industry professionals
(sic). In sum, the divorce industry has evolved into a cottage industry to plunder the
estates of separating couples using children as bait and ransom. Some estimates put
the annual cost of the divorce industry at over $120 billion a year; or, the war against
families in America each year costs more than the war against insurgents in Iraq! And,
the divorce industry may actually cause more casualties and deaths than the war in
Afghanistan! It's a good guess that if you are reading this you or someone you know is
casualty of the divorce industry. Do something about it. Join NCFM or your favorite family
rights organization. Become a family activist rather than a family court victim.
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