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The California Men’s Center San
Diego in general have been a fantastic
and very needed source of support
and information. This helped me to
better deal with the abusive situation
surrounding my son's life. I got facts
and I was explained several things of
how "the system works" which helped
me make better decisions. When I
went to court the first time I had the
naive idea that courts=justice. Thanks
to Harry and the CMCSD I realized
that my situation was the norm rather
than the exception; this gave me
strength, support and focus for which I
am very thankful.

Guillermo, San Diego, CA
October 20, 2006

Ron Foster (WV) of M.A.W.A.D. - Part 1
Ron Foster (WV) of M.A.W.A.D. - Part 2

About successful efforts in West Virginia to make
the states domestic violence coalition follow the
law and provide services to all those in need
regardless of gender, extraordinary and historic
They won the law suit.
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