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So much for the "76 cent myth"

Marti Barletta, CEO of the marketing consultancy TrendSight Group, who was a keynote
speaker at the 2008 M2W marketing conference in Chicago, debated how marketers could
improve their appeals to women and noted,

"Even though women make 85 percent of all consumer purchases, Barletta says the pay gap,
which leaves women earning 76 cents for every dollar earned by men, creates the impression
that women don't have or control much money. In fact, "Women bring in more than half of
household income," Barletta says. "In a partnered household, a woman spends not only her
own paycheck but most of her spouse's or partner's as well."

If you would like to learn more about  which gender earns more and controls America's money
read "
Pocket Book Power" by Bernice Kanner and "Why Men Earn More and What Can
Women Do About It" by Dr. Warren Farrell, particularly if you think it's men.
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