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Women Industry News 3/24/09

February 24th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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  • As I type this National Coalition For Men (NCFM) and California Men’s Center members are in Los Angeles attending and testifying before the Elkin’s Family Law Task Force setup to review problems within the family court system. The Task Force is apparently releasing information garnered from focus groups as well. I earlier talked about this task force in the Capitol Weekly article “Pain of divorce: Where money is placed above fairness.
  • Other NCFM members are today at the LA Board of Supervisors with activists from Disclosure Watch, Fathers4Justices and representatives from other groups serving a copy of the criminal complaint filed with the US Attorney General’s office. The complaint stems from Los Angeles County’s practice of paying extraordinary and substantial benefits, $46,000 worth, to each County Judge in addition to salaries proscribed by the Legislature. Subsequently, in the case Stergeon v County of Los Angles the California Court of Appeal Forth Judicial District found such benefits were illegal. It was strongly suggested by reform advocates that the extraordinary benefits constitute payoffs, since it appears no judge has ruled against the County subsequent to receiving the benefits. The court’s ruling and appearance of payoffs caused chaos to the extent that on February 20, 2009 the California Legislature chaptered Senate Bill X2-11 which protects the judges and any other officials from sanctions, in effect granting all involved in the scheme immunity; consequently, the filing of the complaint in the US Attorney General’s office where the new immunity may not supersede federal law.
  • “Women’s Groups Hit Hard by Madoff Scheme. Interesting aside from the millions lost to radical feminist groups is the listing of foundations which support the destruction of men in general and traditional families, meaning any family with a heterosexual father. But with Palosi, Hillary, and Mr. Babble Biden watching the helm $325M more will funnel back through the economic stimulus package. Maybe it’s a draw.
  • Two women charged with making false rape claims released pending a hearing. They’ll be fined $1.00 and given probation for three days.
  • God works in mysterious ways, cop finds father. Unbelievable and heart warming. Ron H. who sent this our way asked, “Why isn’t it a crime to do what was done to these two.”
  • Women, Learn The Secrets That Guarantee You a Successful Divorce Without Reducing Your Lifestyle, Without Subjecting Your Children to Emotional Trauma, While Securing Your Financial Future and Making Your Husband Pay For ALL The Costs! (Even Your Attorney Fees…)” It’s all about the best interests of kids, right?
  • You Still Don’t Understand,” a new book by Richard Driscoll, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Driscoll says, “…we are innately chivalrous and it is human nature to support and protect women and to hold men accountable. So arguments that men are being treated unfairly often fail, as sympathies go naturally with women and against men.” That’s exactly right which makes men their own worse enemy. Take a look at his enlightening website: While there take the “Gender Quiz”…

Kala and marriage strike 2

  • Thank you Melody for the cute panda pictures…err, I added a little something to this one…
  • Helping delinquent dads, Missouri legislator sees economic downturn consequences that turns hardworking non custodial Dads into criminals, has the courage to say it’s wrong. Unfortunately, he offers up traditional programs as a solution rather than addressing the cause of the problem, which is not the economic downturn but laws that allow mothers and courts to indenture fathers while denying them relationships with their children; and, supporting the victims of paternity fraud rather than sanctioning the criminals, that is mothers who lie with no concern about ruining a man’s life. Send Senator Jeff Smith a thank you note. I sent him this,

“Senator Smith, I just wanted to thank you for recognizing the problem of unemployed non custodial parents due to our economic slump. These otherwise good people should not be criminalized for being laid off, which is an absurd proposition. However, the current economic slump simply brings to our attention the reasons such a situation exists. Which is that primarily disgruntled mothers, our legislatures, and courts are complicit in extricating fathers from families and turned into cash cows. I encourage you to look toward reforms that facilitate children having roughly equal access to both parents and legislation that ensures women who commit paternity fraud go to prison like fathers who through no fault of their own go to prison for failure to pay child support.”

  • Then there are states like straggler Wyoming that are so far behind the curve the legislature is apparently still trying to figure out if dried cow pies burn, wheels roll, and barbeque is not for grilling non custodial parents.
  • Rapper Luther Campbell thrown in jail for failure to pay attorney fees. Looks like it’s linked to a child support dispute. He pays the child support, not the shyster, and still goes to debtor prison, the later of which doesn’t exist in the United States. Must be a bad dream.
  • The number of domestic violence incidents doesn’t seem to be on the rise in Santa Clare County, California, though the need for victim services has become “more intense” says the article. More women are using the region’s domestic violence shelter for the maximum stay of 45 days until they find long-term housing arrangements then move to one of the other four shelters in the county, I guess for another 45 day stay, and so on. Each time a woman moves it’s a good bet they are recorded as a domestic violence victim thereby inflating county numbers. The county said the shelters served 600 last year but a question never asked is how many of those 600 are repeats? Flores, the shelter mucky-muck, said so far this fiscal year the facility has been at full capacity about 90 percent of the time, while last year it was full about 70 percent of the time. Hmm… 20% more, longer stays, and shelter bouncing. Flores, “We saw that as positive because it means people are actually calling law enforcement, and they feel safe enough to call and request services.” Translated, more women are filing false domestic violence reports to get free housing, they call the police because they know if they scream abuse they can get a free ride, many of these women were already homeless, their homelessness has little or nothing to do with current scenarios involving domestic violence, they don’t belong in a domestic violence shelter and should be at the Salvation Army, some man got screwed to accomodate the system’s need to have a perpetrator to justify services to a victim. Nah, that sounds surrealistic if not Orwelian….hmm.

Leave a comment please. Let us know you are out there and have something to say.

If you are not a member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) click on this line and learn how to join the oldest and most active organization in America dedicated to the removal of harmful sex based stereotypes and discrimination against men, their children, families, and the women who love them.

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Women Industry News 02/23/09

February 23rd, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in News Update

Years ago I sent out newsletters under the heading “Women Industry News”. For reasons I don’t remember I stopped. But if one stops to think about it, in one way or another, virtually all men’s, father’, families, and the women who love them issues are directly or indirectly related to the Women Industries. So, from now on that’s what these news updates will be called. I’m going back to my roots in search of wonderland.

If you are not a member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) click on this line and learn how to join the oldest and most active organization in America dedicated to the removal of harmful sex based stereotypes and discrimination against men, their children, families, and the women who love them.

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News Update 2/20/09

February 19th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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Posted in News Update

  • Archives of Coalition-building Attempts Within the Men’s/Fathers’ Movement. Richard Doyle is one of the early Men’s/Father’s Movement movers and shakers. He, along with a few others, saw the nasty anti-man writing on the wall before I even new the grafitti existed. Mr. Doyle has complied a 482 page PDF history of those efforts. This extraordinary compilation of historical documents is a must resource for anyone interested in Men’s/Father’s Rights. As Mr. Doyle says, “

    It’s all there, the heroics, the pettiness, the bickering, a post-mortem, and pictures of the godfathers. Those ignorant of history are bound to repeat it (indeed have done so),” a warning we should heed. There is nothing else like this anywhere. It’s simply incredible.

  • Family shock, one in three parents don’t see their children after divorce, from the UK. Thanks Jeremy.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: The California Elkin’s Family Law Task Force will advise the Judicial Council on ways to improve the Family Court. They want as much public input as possible. Please complete their survey on how the family court can be improved. Thanks Enrique.
  • Girls raise their top, lower their skirts for the modesty movement, I didn’t even know there was a modesty movement! Dang.
  • Reimagining the feminist vocabulary, scary stuff. Change the language change the way people think. Fe-ME-ists have been doing it for decades and we keep spitting out the words become thoughts - dumb on us… then they re write the textbooks, clever.
  • Men who face domestic abuse, from the UK with over 100 reader comments. “New statistics suggest that men in their early 20s are MORE likely to be abused by their partner than women the same age.” The dirty worms are turning… Thank you Ed B. for passing this on.
  • What if uber-women run the show, Carey Roberts says boink to Supremist Fe-ME-ist bunk about running our nations fiances, which if I understand it correctly would be analogous to turning a runamuk sugar habituated obese nine-year-old loose in a Hershey’s factory; or, not good. Geeze Louise, why do you think I call them “Fe-ME-ists”? Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee…
  • For those of you in Kentucky on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 6 p.m., the National Coalition For Men Kentucky/Tennessee Chapter is sponsoring  Dr. Richard Driscoll, Knoxville author, psychologist and marriage counselor who will give a presentation at the Vanderbilt University Student Lie Center “Trust Room.”The presentation is open to the public. Admission is $2.50 at the door. Free parking is available at the 25th Avenue Garage. Dr. Driscoll will be selling autographed copies of his new book, “You Still Don’t Understand” after the presentation. More information about “You Still Don’t Understand” is available at: More information about Dr. Richard Driscoll is available at: Call (615) 896 - 7040 for futher information.
  • San Diego man to stand trial in wife’s death, death penalty possible. Just one more murder and lost lives thanks to a punitive divorce and child custody system.How many more must die?
  • NATIONAL ADVISORY ON ORGANIZED CRIME OPERATING IN THE CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM, interesting and very disturbing report about possible falsification of records and the need to take children to protect government funding.
  • Kentucky fathers win first round in fight for parental rights – men who impregnate a married woman have no parental rights but the Kentucky legislature just might change that.
  • Should women run all newspapers, HELL NO… but neither should men which is my two cents worth. This is a very revealing interview and perhaps a warning of things to come from the spin masters. Thanks Jerry B. for the scare.

Leave a comment please. Let us know you find something here interesting.

If you are not a member of the National Coalition (NCFM) For Men click on this line and learn how to join the oldest and most active organization in America dedicated to the removal of harmful sex based stereotypes and discrimination against men, their children, families, and the women who love them.

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News Update 02/19/09

February 18th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in News Update

  • Are honor killings simply domestic violence, “…honor killing may be a custom that originated in the pagan, pre-Islamic past, contemporary Islamist interpretations of religious law prevail.” Fascinating  article clearly showing a stark reason patriarchy is shunned by feminists.
  • “According to the doctoral thesis by Licentiate of Administrative Sciences Mr. Pasi Malmi, approximately one-third of gender discrimination in Finland appears against men. This scenario may also gain ground in other welfare states in the near future.”  Just released today.
  • Domestic violence advocates try to draw more men into movement, not just some men, but all men, including boys in school. “The aim of the new focus is to encourage men and boys to create a culture that does not tolerate violence against women and challenges social norms about manhood.” No inkling of concern for abused men. It’s a Jackson Katz thing.
  • The online male takes a licking and keeps on clicking, “Recent research suggests that men and women use the Internet differently. The results strengthen stereotypes about men being more visual-spatial and focused on destinations while women inhabit verbal universes and are more inclined toward emotional connections and community-building.”
  • What to do about Nayda, “This “mother” is behaving as if her children are simply human cattle.  She does not deserve them, and they deserve much better.” Canook author blasts Nayda for bearing eight babies in one fell swoop. Good read.
  • Court will allow in evidence of accused killer’s past’, “I don’t think the statements from two strangled, angry girlfriends, who are probably owed a lot of child support from Mr. Heinze . . . is sufficient to allow the court to permit . . . the prosecution to cross-examine him about them.” Mr. Heinze is not a nice guy, but it’s interesting how child support arrears seems to play a central roll in this case. Could it be that if laws were different the murder victim may still be alive?
  • Teen kept in Florida bathroom beaten, and much more. Man involved released on $50,000 bail, Aunt released on $15,000 even though it appear she is the primary perpetrator and evil doer, typical. Send the editor a note please. Thank you Ardyrenn A. for sending the story our way.
  • From Texas, Child Protective Services sees decrease in child removals, duh? They stopped taking Mormon kids from polygamists. I’m surprised the decrease isn’t higher than 18.5% as advertised.
  • Muslim women demand an end to oppressive family laws, very revealing TIME Magazine article.
  • Those brass balled damn Yankees are at it again. There’s a pending resolution in the New Hampshire legislature telling the federal government to tread softly. It’s titled, “This house concurrent resolution affirms States’ rights based on Jeffersonian principles“. Thanks Robert M. for the heads up.
  • “…they take away what truly makes him a father and a man and then demand payment for it”. They may take away from us what makes us fathers but to acquiesce to their second class treatment, without a word of protest, is to allow them to take away what truly makes us men,” powerful commentary from The Wrong in Women’s Rights (Part II)
    by E. Abdiel, first published in Men’s News Daily. Excellent.
  • Women accused of killing and dismembering cop on suicide watch, multiple personalities means there are several of her to babysit. Crazy stuff going on.

Leave a comment please. Let us know you find something here interesting.

If you are not a member of the National Coalition (NCFM) For Men click on this line and learn how to join the oldest and most active organization in America dedicated to the removal of harmful sex based stereotypes and discrimination against men, their children, families, and the women who love them. Our new Tennessee/Kentucky chapter is offering it’s first seminar at Vanderbilt University. We’ve just received an application for a new provisional chapter in Chicago. Our Twin-Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) chapter is beginning an outreach and educational effort with universities. Our Los Angeles chapter is working with local domestic violence coalitions and gaining access to pockets of influence. NCFM is action oriented. Become a member and make a difference. If you are already a member ask yourself how you can help NCFM to become stronger than it is.

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

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