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Women Industry News

Women Industry News, July 30, 2009

July 30th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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Women Industry News, July 30, 2009

No Country for Burly Men, by Christina Hoff Sommers: This article clearly demonstrates feminist disdain for men, families, and the women that love them. It clearly delineates the avarice of misandric organizations like the National Organization of Women and the Feminist Majority. This hard-hitting article is a must read. If you are not convinced of a broad based conspiracy against men you should be after reading this. If I were Mr. Obama I would be ashamed to show my face after allowing this to happen… Someone should sue the Obama administration for blatant gender bias…

Falsely accused Friend Eli Eli is under fire on the blog Maryland Politics Watch. Help and post something in his support. Here’s what I posted:

“Eli Eli wrote, “Lastly, if I don’t stand up for myself, then how in the world would 30,000 people rely on me to stand up for them?” Actually, by Eli standing up for himself millions of disenfranchised men may benefit. The domestic violence industry is responsible for the denigration of justice, thwarting of due process, and entrenched belief that one is guilty if a woman says they are, regardless of an absence of evidence or plethora thereof to the contrary. Worse, male legislators, male jurists, and males in general do not stand up for themselves. Instead they cower in front of any feminist rooted opposition. Not only cower but chivalrously rush to their aid, even when such women are child molesters, murderers, or claim the merest rebuke.We have no one to blame but ourselves. And, it’s time we stand up for ourselves too. It’s time like Eli Eli to stand up not just for ourselves but for millions of other men disparately affected. It’s time we stand up for our families who care about us. And, it’s time we stand up for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. It’s time we start standing tall for reason, logic, fairness, and justice rather than lay down for the craziness of emotional contrivance, connected ways of knowing, lateral thinking, and blaming all on patriarchy.All that is good is not absent a penis, far from it. We need a “Power to the Penis” movement something like “V-Day”. All this propaganda about domestic violence being of epidemic proportions is nothing more than that, propaganda. It’s the basis for the success of the Women Industries. I challenge anyone who reads this to put forth any credible evidence to support such a claim. I challenge you because no such evidence exists except in the minds of the politically impaired.Eli Eli like millions of men throughout America found himself on the wrong end of a salacious if not wholly false accusation. A restraining order issued thereby disengaging him from his property, persons, and almost his profession. Based on what? Nothing. Not one shred of evidence. Just the word of a vengeful woman…Feminists have worked hard over the past 30 years and garnered every imaginable right while being equally successful at avoiding responsibility for adverse actions. And, we as men cheer their success, some rightly some not. Unfortunately, in the rush to give women what they want (which appears to be everything) we have forgotten ourselves, even sold out our brothers.A favorite female phrase sums it up, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” If you don’t give it up and stay in line a false accusation should meet out punishment and cause the transfer; and, it does.We need to get out the penis and vote…or, maybe that should be let’s get out the penis vote…well, whatever, we need to start standing tall for who we are as men.”


Divorced dads fear rollback of parent laws: The Australian - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia: “… a few weeks ago and it was clear to me that these laws are being rolled back,” said Sue Price, of the Men’s Rights Agency… it’s up and down Down-Under. This sparsely populated civil republic has a very active and effective men’s and father’s rights movement yet the radical feminist presence is alive and fully functioning causing an interesting seesaw effect. Every month or so it seems like the MRA’s saw through some legislative anti-man law and the next month the sawdust is falling back toward the feminists, back and forth they go…which from this perspective is progress since before, like elsewhere, the anti-man Fe-me-me-me crowd got whatever they wanted through hook, snook (Aussies play snooker more than nine-ball) or crook. We’ve got some National Coalition For Men (NCFM) members down there standing tall in the middle of the fracas; good’on’ya…sic’um…

Orange County Judge in court over bribery charges…he allegedly offered $80,000 to his opponent to drop out of the last election… why is such a lowly judgeship worth an $80,000 bribe…thanks Paul S. for the lead.

4 charged with defrauding domestic violence shelter of $100K: (KNXV-TV) PHOENIX — The Arizona Attorney General’s Office said Friday that four people accused of defrauding a northern Arizona crisis shelter have been arrested…once again, poor oversight of DV shelters. For years, decades actually, these publically funded programs fought hook, line, and proverbial sinker to be virtually exempt from Federal oversight, that is to have their programs monitored or audited by the government; and, here’s one example why.

Queens woman pours boiling water on cheating husband’s crotch, NEW YORK DAILY NEW: “Enraged at being two-timed, a Queens woman poured boiling water on her unfaithful husband’s groin as he slept Oyinda Ojofeitimi, 67, a registered nurse, carried out the crotch-scalding attack… She was hurt and angry…[the] wakeup call left Emmanuel Ojofeitimi, also a nurse, screaming in the bedroom…They took him out on a stretcher… [he] suffered second- and third-degree burns from his knees to his abdomen…she was arrested and charged with assault”. Notice that she was not charged with domestic violence or assault with a dangerous weapon (scalding hot water), just assault. Mr. Ojofeitimi will be scared for life if not impotent. It’s a reasonable guess that charges will be dropped or Mrs. Ojofetimi will receive only a mild sanction perhaps like community service of some sort and probation. Thank you Joe T. for the story. (Joe is NCFM’s new chapter President for the Greater New York Chapter).

Nearly One In Five University Students Experienced Violence In Last Six Months, ScienceNewsDaily… linked to drinking, more men than women abused… the studies just keep rolling in… more and more evidence that men are more often the victim rather than the abuser… here, there are screening services for alleged abused women but none for men, which is typical… though there’s a recommendation to provide screening for possible male victims… more progress. Thank you Ron H. for the story.

Local media swallows ‘bathroom bill’ rhetoric, Bay Windows - Boston, MA, USA: He’s been using men’s bathrooms for much of that time.” Even when Jolicoeur’s story describes the bill’s true scope, the bathroom imagery persists….something need flushing…

The Other Side Of Domestic Violence: features domestic violence researcher icon Dr. Richard Gelles and Jan Brown from the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women. LISTEN NOW… more progress…

Prison should be last resort for child support debtors, Allentown Morning Call: “Regarding Riley Yates’ July 19 article on the current state of child support payments: While it is pleasing to hear that the judiciary is more understanding…”

Defendants Indicted for owing $648115.84 in Child Support, “Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason announced that 14 defendants were indicted for failure to pay child support. The fourteen defendants owe a combined…”

Murder-suicide mom wanted to keep boy from dad: “Judith Elizabeth Williams, 51, decided to kill her 16-year-old son, Adam Williams, in part because her ex-husband had recently moved back to California from Missouri and was spending every other weekend with their son…” Fruit-loop… Thanks Ron H. for this surrealistic article.

Fathers and Families Members meet with the Governor of Massachusetts: This is how it’s suppose to be done, all you need is lots of money, determination, and a state small enough so you can drive one side to the other quicker than you can program your GPS. Regardless, this superb sustained effort may eventually result in more children having access to more parents. The most telling thing about this crusade occurred when Dr. Holstein and crew garnered 86% of the vote approving their statewide petition for shared parenting…and, the legislature thumbed its collective nose at the citizens by rejecting their marching orders, which shows just how powerful is the anti-father feminist contingent. Every single one of the legislators that failed to support the wishes of their citizenry should be summarily defeated for any public office. Here’s Dr. Holstein’s article:

“In Massachusetts, misguided women’s groups and domestic violence organizations are very powerful and have worked hard to scuttle shared parenting and other measures to promote father involvement after divorce or separation. Nevertheless, over the past five years Fathers & Families has been instrumental in advancing shared parenting in Massachusetts:

  • Fathers & Families gathered thousands of signatures to place shared parenting on the 2004 Massachusetts ballot, then led a successful campaign for its passage, winning 86% of the vote.
  • F & F enlisted over one-quarter of the Massachusetts Legislature as co-sponsors of our shared parenting bill.
  • F & F persuaded the left-of-center Boston Globe to become first major newspaper in country to endorse shared parenting in principle in an editorial last year.
  • F & F pushed “shared parenting” to the number one issue on the Massachusetts Governor’s website for citizen input.
  • F & F ignited a spirited debate over shared parenting at the Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention in June. There was a  40 minute debate on the floor of the Convention, before 3,000 politically active Democrats, and shared parenting only lost by a 60-40 margin.
  • Leading up to the Convention, F & F organized supporters to attend 25 Democratic Party platform hearings to advocate for shared parenting, and flooded the Democratic Party Platform website, eventually accounting for 40% of all platform suggestions submitted to the website.

Below, Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S., Founder and Chair of the Board of Fathers & Families, discusses our recent meeting with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (pictured above with President Obama):

For the past few months, Fathers & Families activists such as Peter Hill have attended public appearances by Governor Deval Patrick.  On each occasion, one or more activists have asked Governor Patrick to support shared parenting. Governor Patrick noticed the concern, and suggested to Peter that a meeting be arranged.Peter and I met with the Governor today, together with Todd Sandahl, Wayne Jewett, and Bob Norton. The Governor was gracious and appeared sincere. He listened intently, and clearly gave thought to our comments. He asked good questions. He asked for more information on certain issues. The Governor continued the discussion for 10-15 minutes after his aide had told him that we were beyond the scheduled time.A variety of issues were raised, including child support, restraining orders and jailings of fathers. My comments were consistently focused on increasing access to our children. I advocated continuing dialogue to explore and analyze the obstacles that are placed between fit fathers and their children. I emphasized the benefits to children, and the overwhelming public support for shared parenting.

The Governor mulled over various follow-up activities, but made no specific commitments. Nevertheless, I had the feeling that there will be continuing dialogue in some form. Peter Hill shares my view. He wrote, “This was a tremendously positive meeting. I have met with lots of Governors in my day, and this Governor is the most approachable and easy to talk to and he does listen.”

Peter deserves credit for obtaining this meeting. He and others also deserve credit for going to the Governor’s public appearances to advocate for shared parenting. I urge that all of you continue to do this, (see schedule here) so the Governor will know that our interest is not just a flash in the pan…


Take Care,

Harry Crouch

California Men’s Centers

National Coalition For Men

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Women Industry News, July 25, 2009

July 24th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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Women Industry News, July 25, 2009

The California Department of Child Support Services has implemented a “Get Back on the Road Again” driver license release program during the month of August. Call 866-901-3212 for more information or see the flyer at . There are conditions…

ACLU CHALLENGES FAMILY COURT ORDER RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH RIGHTS ON THE INTERNET… this would never have happened if it were a man barred by the Court… regardless this case may be huge. Thanks Susan D. for the information…

Lesbian party company Pinkalicious wins right to ban ’sex …, - Sydney, NSW, Australia, VCAT has given a number of gay men’s pubs the right to bar women. However men’s rights groups argue the decision goes against Victorian Attorney-General Rob …

Expert: Fear of reprisal a motivating factor in not reporting … Reno Gazette-Journal - Reno, NV, USA, Sixty percent of sexual assaults are not reported, according to RAINN statistics. “Rape is one of the most traumatic things a person can go though,” he said … this is a good example of politically correct issue mongering. The title has very little to do with the central theme of the article, which is about a professional football quarterback being accused of rape. But, here, the newspaper chooses to usurp the story by saying fear of reprisal prevents filing complaints. Here’s another example: Audrey Hepburn, - United Kingdom Children’s Hour (1962) dealt with a teacher whose career is ruined by a malevolent schoolgirl’s false accusation of lesbianism. … the article is a recap of the life, love, career, and humanitarian efforts of a huge personality who brought compassion and concern to the world… watch for stories like this to understand the deliberate ideological creep branded in surreptitiously in the back of our minds…

Dating violence: Are you a victim? Part one of five this well written series by Examiner author Nicole Peniston has an interesting twist. The first two parts are entirely gender inclusive and neutral, though information provided through links may lead to typical portrayals of men bad women good. Interestingly, the most recent research clearly shows that women initiate and commit the lion’s share of dating violence. This article is an example of how gender inclusivity and neutrality can disguise a problem. As people begin to accept that women are equally or more violent than are men we’ll see more an more reporting like this where the differences are minimized. Then those trying to cover up the problem will begin yammering that they are only responding to men’s rights activists march to gender inclusive and neutral treatment. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

Ex-bailiff pleads guilty in child-support scam, El Paso Times - El Paso, TX, USA
By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times EL PASO — A former El Paso court bailiff ran a lucrative scam in which he promised people owing child support they would…

Man claims he found condom in French onion soup, The Associated Press, Hodousek’s attorney Eric Traut said his client wants to have restaurant employees’ DNA tested to find a match to the condom. … French cooking on the wild side.

15 Aspects That Must Be Recognized In Third-Wave Feminism, Daily Kos - Berkeley, CA, USA, the following is a incomplete list of a woman’s thoughts, objections, and suggestions concerning the current state of feminism… very interesting perspective and substantially different from second wave feminism’s complete distain for anything male or male related, worth the read… gives reasons to be optimistic…

Updates on the iPhone-contractor suicide, Christian Science Monitor - USA, Acknowledging its detractors, the company accepted some of the blame for the suicide, saying that the death, “no matter what, to a certain extent reflects … taking company loyalty way to far…

Domestic Violence and its Effects on Health Care, Florida Times-Union - Jacksonville, FL, USA, More than 4.1 billion dollars are spent each year in medical and mental services for victims of domestic violence. With the topic of many discussions being … says, “According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average cost of medical treatment for a female victim was 483 dollars per incident compared to 83 dollars for male victims…” Why? I can guess several reasons. Leave a comment and let me know why you think that may be true.

Ex-ballplayer Neel sentenced in child support case, The Associated Press SAN ANTONIO - Former major leaguer Troy Neel has been sentenced to five years of probation for failing to pay more than $700,000 in child support - the worst … pocket change… if the court had ordered him to pay a reasonable amount he may have paid up… my guess, he’s not allowed to see his children…

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

California Men’s Centers

National  Coalition For Men

932 C Street, Suite B

San Diego, CA 92101


Dedicated to men, their families, children, and the women that love them.


California Men’s Center is primarily funded by donations from individuals and by the National Coalition for Men (NCFM). There is no paid staff. All donations help. Your donation can made by Internet by clicking on this DONATE.  NCFM-SD is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization - or go to (you may have to cut and paste that into your browser)


Call us for help with your child custody dispute. We provide Family Court Services mediation prepartion too. Need a paternity test or information about paternity fraud? Go to Read the story to understand the full impact of paternity fraud.

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Women Industry News, July 20, 2009

July 20th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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When will we have hated men enough? – USA, by NCFM member Trudy “T” Schuett: Another commenter (a girl this time) suggested I only need to read some feminist blog to see the evidence of the evil men do. Sorry, dear, but 57 years of check out the “San Diego” link (Thanks “T”). 

Obama’s betrayal of the working-class male, - Washington, DC, USA: As soon as Obama released his stimulus proposal, the National Organization for Women and other feminist groups swung into action. … the problem with feminist organizations like NOW is that they follow the age old female adage the what’s theirs is theirs and what’s not is theirs too… and that’s all they seem to care about, getting more for themselves regardless of how much harm it does to all the rest of us, men and women. Here, NOW operatives back-doored stimulus money into soft create and build nothing government jobs for women rather than jobs for both men and women that would have better repaired our aging infrastructure. Organizations like NOW simply have to be stopped before, as it says in the article, they make men’s participation (in families) irrelevant, even though research suggests it may be fathers, not mothers, who instill attributes of stability, empathy, curiosity and a host of other valuable qualities in children. Pure and simple, organizations like NOW are so caught up in themselves and quest for power, like most politicians, they are completely disconnected from mainstream America. Considering the outlook of the feminist catering current administration, which is beyond mere chivalry (Obama, Biden, Clinton…) Loraine Bobbit may soon be given a cabinet position… beam me up Scotty, I want to go home…

White House Focuses on Violence Against Women , By Susan Loubet, The Women’s Media Center: White House advisor on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault starts today. It’s about time…they say, but not me, since I heartedly disagree…

Senate Considers Concealed Weapons Amendment, CBS News: Keep in mind the bill of rights was written by men who had just purchased their freedom at incredible costs and they were only able to do so because they … they had guns, and its really as simple as that; otherwise, we would all still be bowing to the Queen…heck, I guess I would still just because… well, because she’s the Queen.  

Remarks At the Town Hall at Delhi University, US Department of State - Washington, DC, USA devise strategies for enhancing women’s empowerment and rights. Here in India, countless men and women every day are shaping the new future that awaits. … Hillary at work, why the hell do you think she accepted the Secretary of State job? For the travel? To get away from Bill? Just for the good food? Nope, how better to spread radical feminism throughout the world. The woman’s nuttier than a gaggle of computer geeks without their game controllers and we turn her loose with a jumbo jet with unlimited mileage… plus the poor schmucks in India have it worse than we do in North America and Europe. If an Indian woman has a dowry problem she just makes a false accusation and hubby’s entire extended family goes to jail and the woman gets all their property! Now that’s what I call family cleansing! Go Hillary, go babe…help he women of India… better you be there than here… maybe Obama just wanted her gone…

The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism, By Ellie Levensen, Independent - London, England,UK: Market research reveals that younger women think of feminism as a dirty word, or at least, an antiquated one. A triumph for post-feminists maybe… let us pray.

Women,don’t count on male circumcision to protect against HIV, Los Angeles Times - CA, USA: But the results of a study released this week are especially disappointing for researchers who’d hoped it might reduce HIV transmission to women. They don’t seem to be all that happy that maybe, just maybe, the procedure (whether you agree or not with the practice of circumcision in general) that it may help protect men. LA Times at its chivalrous best…

Police: Ind. Alleged Sexual Assault Is False Report: WCPO - Cincinnati, OH, USA: An allegation of rape has been determined to be a false accusation according to investigators in Dearborn County. Officials say the determination was based… but no arrests were made… go figure.

Read and Learn the Constitution! – USA: For starters, how well do you know the Bill of Rights? Sure, you probably know about freedom of the press and freedom of religion, but do you know that it … here’s some good advice to be taken to heart…

Man appeals to sue his rape accuser: Independent - London, England,UK: Much of these problems of the terrifying affect of false accusation would be solved if the identities of the accused were protected… HEY! IS ANYONE LISTENING OVER THERE? IT’S NOT A NEW IDEA BUT ITS RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

False accusation of rape Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: The extent of false reporting and false accusations of rape are disputed A.W. Burgess and R.R. Hazelwood state that little is published which addresses the … hmm, seems like something may be amiss here…

You May Think Domestic Violence Has Nothing to Do with You, San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA: Domestic violence is still this dirty secret, but if we don’t talk about it, how will it change? I don’t even know if that was the first time he hurt her What’s wrong with that article? Is it just a wee bit biased? What does it say about the leadership of some corporations? If you’ve read this far please leave answer those questions for me in the comments section.

Pa. youths want tainted convictions tossed, Washington Post - Washington, DC, USA: A judge heard arguments Friday on how to restore the legal rights of juveniles sentenced by former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella (shiv-uh-REL’-uh)

Prosecutors favor new trials for juveniles, Wilkes Barre,PA,USA before disgraced former Judge Mark Ciavarella are entitled to new trials, request to bar the retrial of juveniles who appeared before Ciavarella … what a mess!

Grand jury looks at CPS, - Vacaville,CA,USA: Child Protective Services in Solano County was hit with a slew of complaints by the county grand jury … won’t do any good. Scathing report against CPS by the San Diego Grand Jury in the mid 1990’s resulted only in wasted paper and ink.

Marriage license fee increase may aid mediation center, - Vacaville,CA,USA: That money would go directly toward the Family Court Services Mediation Program of the Solano County Superior Court, effective August 21. The court plans to … how cleaver, but they’re competing with the money from marriage licenses that support domestic violence shelters…that ought to be a decent tug-of-war to watch…

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

California Men’s Centers

National  Coalition For Men

932 C Street, Suite BSan Diego, CA 92101

Telephone: 619-231-1909  

Dedicated to men, their families, children, and the women that love them. 

California Men’s Center is primarily funded by donations from individuals and by the National Coalition for Men (NCFM). There is no paid staff. All donations help. Your donation can made by Internet by clicking on this DONATE.  NCFM-SD is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization - or go to (you may have to cut and paste that into your browser)

Call us for help with your child custody dispute. We provide Family Court Services mediation prepartion too. Need a paternity test or information about paternity fraud? Go to Read the story to understand the full impact of paternity fraud.

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Women Industry News (WIN) July 16, 2009

July 16th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in Harry Crouch, Women Industry News

I seldom have time to write much, which I know many of you will appreciate, but I found the following worth some words…


Pending responsible fatherhood act questionable… looks more like a 1970’s Comprehensive Employment and Training Act make work program. As written it appears to create primarily low paying temporary jobs for young adult males to promote primarily the payment of child support rather than free them to become well trained, highly employed, well compensated, taxpaying members of our society who can afford to help pay for the raising of their children as well as themselves. If these young parents behave themselves and have not already been charged with contempt for failure to pay child support then arrears may be forgiven. Though provisions may lurk in there somewhere I didn’t see any regarding what happens if arrears were suspended and the young fathers fail to complete a related program. Might the arrears again apply with every compounding penalties and interest? This bill needs lots of work and should involve some creative thinking rather than a reliance on assumptions and methodologies of questionable validity. I designed, operated, and monitored employment and training programs and as written this bill when off the ground will be not much more than a financial windfall for program providers. It may very well cause more or compound hardships on low income non custodial parents. Regardless, taken at face value this is an opportunity that must be pursued since it opens the door for meaningful reforms:

Here’s an interesting article decrying false memory syndrome

Jamaican drug dealer say she cannot be deported because she’s a lesbian. Huh? 

Domestic Violence Part I by Lester Burnham… worth the read… puts a slightly new slant on the false foundation of the domestic violence industry in an easy to read way:   

They are at it again… another step toward the International Violence Against Women Act… domestic violence victims (mostly women) may get asylum in the U.S. Is this just another way to secure votes for the radical fe-ME-ist anti-male revolution? Nah, nobody can be that crass… Also this article in the New York Times. Asylum cases are confidential… we’ll never really know will we? 

Fathers and Families Ned Holstein and Glen Sacks scored with a Washington Times article “A domestic violence victim. Women are the aggressors as often as men”, except research tends to show women are actually the aggressors substantially more than men. Still it’s articles and exposure in mainstream media like this that are turning the tide toward reality rather than hyperbolic borderline rants about a men being abusers and women being victims. Considering the way DV laws are constructed and intertwined throughout our judicial and social service delivery systems it seems that tacit permission is given to women to abuse yet no permission is given to men to defend. It’s the age old Bidden Babble hit your brother if he gets out of line but he better not hit you back sort of thing. The sort of thing that facilitates if not instills notions of lying and manipulation while reinforcing a belief that some people, primarily those without penises, simply should not be held accountable, not even if they wage the war, and especially if they cannot finish it without being harmed….

Excellent video re feminism versus men’s rights movement at blog Counter-Feminist. Scroll down to see the video…

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

California Men’s Centers

National  Coalition For Men

932 C Street, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92101

Telephone: 619-231-1909  

Dedicated to men, their families, children, and the women that love them. 

California Men’s Center is primarily funded by donations from individuals and by the National Coalition for Men (NCFM). There is no paid staff. All donations help. Your donation can made by Internet by clicking on this DONATE.  NCFM-SD is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization - or go to (you may have to cut and paste that into your browser) Call us for help with your child custody dispute. We provide Family Court Services mediation prepartion too. Need a paternity test or information about paternity fraud? Go to Read the story to understand the full impact of paternity fraud.

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Women Industry News (WIN) May 2, 2009

May 2nd, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
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Women Industry News (WIN) May 2, 2009

by Harry Crouch


  • In a fourteen year running custody dispute another hearing took place to determine whether the mother should have supervised visitations. The mother alienated the child from the father as well as blatantly violated one court order after another. The  father had to pay the psychologist $1200 for four hours wait time. Because he didn’t get to testify until after lunch, the father had to pay the psychologist another $1,200. The fathers attorney charges $400 per hour ($3,200 for the day in court). Her assistant gets $200/hour ($1600). The father also has to pay for Minor’s Council who was there all day, no less than $2,400. Oh, and the court reporter $366, and he’ll get to pay several hundred for the transcript too. It cost the father no less than $10,000 for one day in court, as much as a minimum wage earner takes home in a  year. And, he may yet get the honor of paying for the mother’s costs too; and, she just inherited an undisclosed sum of cash and real property. The court has not sanctioned her for failing to properly disclose her assets either… The father notes that all that money could be going to the child’s college fund or to seed money for his wife’s catering business dream… instead it flows into the pockets of family court operatives who could not even make a determination about supervised visitation in one whole day… absolutely absurd…


  • ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY urges President Obama to establish White House Council on Men and Boys… it’s a start. NCFM will join this effort as I’m sure other organizations will.
  • The RADAR crew distributed the H.R. 739 ‘SAFE’ Act: Untruthful flyer to all 435 members of the House of Representatives. The flyer challenges the credibility and honesty of the DV industry. Because of this and similar efforts over the past three years RADAR is gaining status and recognition from congressional leaders. RADAR’s  brand of activism is a tremendous boon in the war against domestic terrorism (you can infer what you wish from that). Like similar organizations NCFM members are actively involved within the RADAR organization. Congratulations to all RADARians for the tremendous work.
  • If you aren’t sure about the “domestic terrorism” phrase above please read the American Coalition of Fathers & Family’s sobering report Family Violence in America, the Truth About Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, by Stephen Baskerville.
  • Attorney Greg Adler and body-builder plaintiff Lars Sequeira make the news re possible class action suit against California Fitness for not providing equal services for men and women. Snippet of the article here. I love these guys!
  • I met with Pat McGrath from the San Diego District Attorney’s office re the new police training video funded by the DA’s office. He agreed it contained misinformation. Copies have already been released and will forever give viewers false information and wrongful gender anti-male bias. However, it’s going back for editing if possible. Hopefully some scenes will be deleted or dubed over and other corrections made. If not I’ll be asking that no more copies be made and any undistributed copies be destroyed, the latter of which I should have asked for when Pat was here… yes, we met in my office. We’ll see… And, much thanks to those of you who sent letters to the DA. Those were hugely helpful.
  • Yesterday morning NCFM members from San Diego (1/2 of split loyalty Marc Angelucci and me), Los Angeles (Don Saxton, Everett Littlefield, Daryl Taylor, and the other 1/2 Marc Angelucci and his college professor friend Edgar), and Oregon (Phil Cook, author of Abused Men, The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence) met with executive members of the City of Los Angeles Domestic Violence Task Force to discuss a number of things that sprung from an earlier incident and letter to the task force. Later in the afternoon those activists along with California Men’s Center supporter Patricia Overberg, MSW, and Men’s Health Network representatives, including Dianna Thompson from the “Bay Area” participated in a lively meeting with the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council. This meeting resulted from Mr. Angelucci’s efforts to confirm that Los Angeles area Domestic Violence Industry service providers were following the California Supreme Court decision in Woods v. Shewry. That is whether services were now being provided to men. In brief, discussions were generally amicable, well received, informative, and the various factions came to some informal agreements which will hopefully become the basis for significant reforms. Special thanks goes to Mr. Angelucci (both 1/2’s of him) for his incredible work in Woods v Shewry, Don Saxton for his ground work with Los Angeles domestic violence operatives, Pat Overberg for just being there with all her aches, pains, and salient recommendations from over 20 years leadership in the Domestic Violence Industry, and Ron Henry of the Men’s Health Network who dispatched people from his organization. These were truly historic meetings which may set the stage for major reforms well beyond the Los Angeles basin…


Front left to right: Marc Angelucci, Patricia Overberg, Edgar Pacas, Everett Littlefield, Stanley Green, Phil Cook. Back left to right: Don Saxton, Dianna Thompson, Harry Crouch, and Daryl Taylor.



  • UK footballer Frank Lambert gives it to radio broadcaster sod who slammed and jammed Lambert because his “fiancee” abandoned their home taking with her their two children… heck we should do what Lambert did every time we hear some brainlessiac bad bashing men…great rant and well worth a listen… thanks Jeremy S…


  • An NCFM member who prefers to remain unnamed recently sent this complaint letter to PBS and NPR… I’m thinking it’s a good model for others of us to do the same.

Your recent pledge drive reminded me once again about why I will not contribute to public television. I contributed for years a long time ago, but I have refused for many years. I thought I should tell you why I won’t contribute on the small chance that you may fix the problem I am having with public television.

I find PBS (and NPR also) very sexist. A lot of your programming appears to be aimed at women. Many of your shows, though not explicitly for women, certainly implicitly are: Sewing With Nancy, Antiques Roadshow, Quilting Arts, Your Inner and Outer Beauty, Finding Your Own True Love, Yanni, Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder, and Ballroom Challenge are examples. The shows that might be more for men are limited: Motorweek, The New Yankee Workshop and maybe This Old House.

But it’s worse than this. You also have programs explicitly for women. Suze Orman: Women and Money, Menopause and Beyond, Living Courageously: the Spirit of Women, and Powder and Glory (women and cosmetics) are examples. I know of no comparable programs for and about men. The main point of these shows for women seems to be just to pander to women. For example, I believe any general differences between how men and women handle money are insignificant and lost in any individual differences. But even if the differences were substantial, then certainly a program entitled Men and Money would also be warranted.

Your programming also exhibits a feminist and male-hating slant. Shows like NOW, NOVA, and POV often report from a feminist and even misandrist perspective. These shows have speculated without much evidence that Shakespeare was a woman and Einstein’s first wife was the real source of his genius. Commenting on a special entitled Breaking the Silence about kids and divorce, Glenn Sacks said “dads were portrayed as evil, scheming abusers.”

This can even be found in kids’ programming. After complaints that Sesame Street had no female characters, a smart, angelic girl puppet was introduced. Meanwhile, the male puppets are either goofy, obnoxious, mean or stupid monsters, some of whom live in trash cans.

This pandering to women is quite common in all advertising media. Women spend approximately 80% of all consumer dollars. Therefore advertisers aim their products and advertisements at women. As a result, all advertiser media (TV, radio, magazines, etc.) must also aim at and pander to women to attract more advertisers. Men are not going to get a fair shake in this environment. But PBS is supposedly somewhat removed from this advertising influence by taxpayer and contributor dollars. Yet the corresponding more egalitarian approach is not evident in PBS’s programming.

I will not contribute again to PBS until it is.

Thank you.


  • IMPORTANT: SAFE START SAN DIEGO 2009 is a free one-day conference with experts from the substance abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse industries, including our own John Hamel, author of several books and numerous papers about domestic violence with an emphasis on male victims. It appears I may even be participating on a panel or two. You see the “men’s track” was put together primarily by the Men’s Leaderhip Forum’s Planning Committee of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council, of which I am a member. Hence, John Hamel. Interestingly, the MLF Planning Committee, at least those who participate, primarily are… well… are you ready for this, of similar mind; that is, they are coming to believe as do I about the issues with which I and you (perhaps) are concerned. And that includes one young man with a master’s degree in WoMEN StuDIEs. Yes, I’m amazed too. This, as far as a I know, is another first… another one of those historic events… UN real.

Court Cases

Discrimination Against Men

  • Men bear the brunt of US job loss… so what’s new about that? Men always bear the brunt of job loss when the economy goes south… way south, like in Asia. Minus the military most government jobs go to women… “soft jobs”… If you kill manufacturing, like Pontiac… kill construction, like houses and commercial properties… then you need more social services for all those women who are missing their child support because dear’ol dad is in the unemployment line… or headed for prison because he can no longer pay child support, which will require more soft paper-pushing jobs to process all the new inmates… well, you get the picture.
  • And how about that pesky patriarchal based wage disparity designed to keep women oppressed? Well, if you have not read Warren Farrell’s “Why Men Earn More” you probably still think that’s true. A shorter road to truth lives in the January 2009, US Department of Labor report An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women which says, “Although additional research in this area is clearly needed, this study leads to the unambiguous conclusion that the differences in the compensation of men and women are the result of a multitude of factors and that the raw wage gap should not be used as the basis to justify corrective action. Indeed, there may be nothing to correct. The differences in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers…” Since most of the media push the phony PC version one has to wonder if the media is corrupt, lazy, illiterate, or all three… And it only gets worse… In an April 27, 2009 press release  National Organization of Women President Kim Gandy says, “For full-time, year-round workers, women are paid on average only 78 percent of what men are paid, and the gap is significantly wider for women of color…” If that’s true, as Farrell once noted, why hire men? Hillary and crew are at it again too, this time with a Equal Pay Action Kit… thanks for ruining my day with that one Rich A…

Domestic Violence

  • Experts have a profile of dads who kill families… “called paternal filicide”, no mention about these men maybe being hideously abused either by their partner or the family law system… not one peep in this deaf and almost dumb article.
  • DVA09RFA… if you are politically connected or plugged into the Women Industries in California you can apply for DV dollars through DVA09RFA…
  • Women pleads guilty to drugging and hacking up her boyfriend… her mug shot shows nice blue eyes and a smile… brrr, very scary… before that apparently she stabbed and beat up boyfriend’s brother! Here’s a crazy thought… maybe if she’d gone to or stayed in jail for the stabbing and beating of boyfriend’s brother, boyfriend might still be alive… and in one piece.
  • Beware the sociopath… No heart, no conscience, no remorse… kind’a like the domestic violence industry… pretty good resource… thanks to whoever told me about this.
  • You might be interested in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services manual Child Protection in Families Experiencing Domestic Violence (thank you Greg).
  • Whoa…hold the phone! Get this re child abuseThe most significant predictor of whether a battered woman will physically abuse her child is having been physically abused by her own mother, not whether she has been battered by her partnerWomen abuse children substantially more than do men and then some, “In 38.7 percent of the [child abuse] cases, victims were abused by their mothers acting alone; 17.9 percent were abused by their fathers acting alone, and 16.8 percent were abused by both parents…  Eat your heart out Bonnie R. you got it wrong again…err, that’s a woman who has a mouth-bad about everyone website and for some reason believes the opposite of whatever seems real… including which gender abuses children most frequently…
  • This is huge… date line April 17, 2009: “A new domestic violence study has found that the strongest predictors of success in treating offenders convicted of a criminal domestic violence offense were the individual characteristics of the offenders, not the features of batterer intervention programs (BIPs) or the attributes of the court jurisdiction…” Another DV Industry myth comes tumbling down thanks to the California Administrative Office of the Courts’ Office of Court Research. So now we need a study to see how much damage DV intervention programs have caused… sure, like that’s going to happen during my lifetime… You can read the study and related items by clicking here. Thank you Enrique M. for this exciting news…

False Accusations

  • University of Wisconsin at Madison’s newspaper The Daily Cardinal ran a great article entitled, “Don’t Forget Victims of False Rape Accusations“… it starts out with an upper-cut, “April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Unfortunately, much of the “awareness” raised about a crime that victimizes all too many women is unnecessarily politicized and factually incorrect. For reasons that have nothing to do with aiding rape victims and everything to do with advancing a larger political agenda, too many of the persons who dominate the public discourse about sexual assault feel it is necessary to insist that false rape claims are a myth…”


  • State stops funding S&M movie production… dang, bat, belt, birch, bullwhip, cane, cat-o’-nine-tails, crop, goad, horsewhip, lash, prod, push, rawhide, rod, ruler, scourge, strap, switch, thong, and really bad breath no more state subsidies to train horno-porno workers so our fetish film industry can compete with foreign competition… what’s this country coming to anyway… we bail out banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, car manufactures, and some politicians who are atrocious, crude, gross, heinous, hideous, horrible, immodest, improper, licentious, loathsome, noisome, outrageous, scurrilous, shameless, shocking, sickening, wanton, and wicked yet we stop priming the porno pumps. Go figure… maybe public funds were used to produce the recent Feminist Porn Awards too… could happen. Are “double standards” the same as “duplicity”?
  • Iceland elects their first lesbian feminist Prime Minister as the conservatives go down in flames over their own economic crisis… greed of a different color now rules Iceland.
  • So, if the UK is turning into the first modern day totalitarian state is that a product of the radical feminist pogrom? Comment on that one please, I’d really like to know.


  • California Assembly Bill 520 says government agencies can deny freedom of information acts if a government agency thinks the person requesting the information is harassing the agency or someone therein… Orwell where are you?
  • Talk about job security for women… whoa horses! Carey Roberts warns us of another out of control California Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard railing against women being fired if they claim they were victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual assault… active word “claim” no proof required. Still a long way to go on this one and the federal version H.R. 739: Security and Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Act… don’t see anything in either of them about screaming at Tweetybird, breaking a finger nail, or having a bad hair day… Thanks RADAR for tromping the halls of Congress handing out “Do not pass” flyers re HR 739!
  • Then there’s CA SB 273 re domestic violence… a direct byproduct of NCFM member attorney Marc Angelucci’s victory in Woods v Shewry… one sane CA legislators effort to bring the law into compliance with the court decision… which means legislating equal treatment for men in the provision of domestic violence services… therein is this, “The National Coalition for Men, San Diego Chapter, writes that while it is in support of SB 273, the bill’s findings fail to grasp the true nature of the serious problems caused by wrongful gender biased beliefs and resulting discrimination…” NCFM National Advisor and Oregon member Phil Cook dropped by Sacramento last week to discuss this legislation with it’s sponsor and other legislators… Phil will be submitting more recommendations soon…

Men’s Rights

  • I thought the Promise Keepers broke years ago like marriage vows. But no! These mock men’s rights guys are going broke in the own bucket of bul… err, broken promises. So they started recruiting purse string controllers… women. I wonder what took them so long to figure that out?



  • Putting families first, one father at a time… new Georgia Fatherhood program tries to reconnect the absent parent, mostly men… “‘These people face daunting obstacles to becoming parents,” said Department of Human Resources Commissioner B. J. Walker about 11 percent of whom are women… Keep in mind that the men and the few women in the Georgia Fatherhood program want to support their children. ‘You have a lot of men out there who have various barriers, such as education, criminal records, substance abuse problems who really want to do the right thing,” said Keith Horton, who heads up the DHR program.’” 82 percent have a criminal history, 81 percent are without jobs, 34 percent lack a high school diploma or GED, and many if not most would do much better if they could see their children without fear of being falsely accused by an embittered previous partner or beaten down by an intractable child support system.



  • In Search of the “Perfect” Vagina: Women Spend and (Spread) to Achieve Porn Ideal… “another symptom of our culture’s need to assert control over women’s bodies and sexuality…” labiaplasties, vaginoplasties and hoodectomies…WHAT? Some woman thinks she needs a listing lip vagina lift because our culture is controlling her body and sexuality!  So says Dr. Leonore Tiefer… even worse she says, “…it pathologies female genital diversity… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT… GENITAL DIVERSITY? Can white women catch it? Sounds bad whatever it is. “…pornography is a major influence in what women believe is desirable…” WHAT? WOMEN ARE NOW WATCHING PORN WITH ALL THOSE NAKED AND PARTICIPATORY SUBJUGATED SIRENS GLEEFULLY DIDDLING DONKEY DILDOS AND DONGS? WHERE HAVE ALL THOSE FEMI MASOCHISTS IN NEED OF A VAGINA TUCK OR HONEY HOOD REMOVAL BEEN HIDING? Just last month Michelle Owen had the police examine her laptop because she alleged one of her ex-boyfriend’s had used it to search for kiddie-porn… her plan tanked when the cops discovered two porney videos of her doing a doggie… hinky-kinky, blame a man; or, maybe it was the panting dog’s fault… (thanks Joe M. for the animal story).

VAWA Tragedy

  • Prosecutor innocent but Violence Against Women Program allows him to be defamed while the guilty is protected… “‘Once a spouse files a petition under [the Violence Against Women Act], the spouse accused of domestic violence is deemed to be a witness with no credibility. The [accused] does not testify, is not given a right to appear, he doesn’t even know what’s going on,’ Bernstein said in an interview Friday. He said the result of Dvir’s immigration case grossly violated American standards of due process. ‘It was a complete star-chamber proceeding,’ he said.” In VAWA immigration cases this is always the process, then all government entitites involved claim confidentiality and deny access to records. In this case the accuser was caught soliciting someone to murder her husband Richard Nedlin who is a wrongly accused Assistant District Attorney. If VAWA can almost destroy a DA no one else stands a chance. The people that put this legislation together are simply evil…



  •… activist and one man band, literally… not a joiner but producer… single dad with a mission… writes and performs his own stuff… interesting and worth a look-see…
  • Men Are Better Than Women…this really foul mouthed self professed chauvinist makes Marc Rudov, The No Nonsense Man, look like a pussycat… watch this guy on Dr. Phil and tell me what you think please…

Women Studies

  • Loss of a women studies program… “It is with great sadness that I write this column’” says Judith Sanesburry… “University of Guelph administration has decided to cut its womens studies program — thereby reducing its budget by 0.17 per cent. According to philosophy professor Karen Wendling, it’s a savings the university could have achieved by changing to a cheaper brand of toilet paper… Let’s see…um, women use 86% of all toilet paper? Well, you do the math I flunked rithmatic… but another WoMAN StuDIEs program bites the dust!

Please leave a comment so I know you visited, thanks.

Take Care,

Harry  Crouch

If you are not a member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) click on this line and learn how to join the oldest and most active organization in America dedicated to the removal of harmful sex based stereotypes and discrimination against men, their children, families, and the women who love them. If you want to join a chapter of NCFM or start on in your area email Don Saxton at

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Women Industry News April 18, 2009

April 17th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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By Harry Crouch


  • National Coalition For Men (NCFM) members participated in several “Tea Party” events around the nation but NCFM-LA member Ray Blumhorst went whole hog… Ray also wrote a well worth the read, End Feminist Pork -  What Does It Mean, posted on Stand Your Ground, which is a great website administered by another NCFM member… we’re all over the place!

    Ray going whole hog 090415

  • Senate Bill 273 (SB 273) was recently introduced in the California Senate in response to the Woods v. Horton case, which held it is unconstitutional to exclude male victims of domestic violence from state-funded DV services. The prevailing attorney was NCFM-SD/LA member Marc Angelucci.  You can read the text, history, and so on of the bill and can even track it with email alerts here… The bill is in the Senate Health Committee and the first hearing is set for 4/29/09. Marc and I have  sent letters to the Senate Health Committee so our comments will be put into the bill’s analysis. If you send a letter on behalf of an organization, the organization will likely be mentioned in the analysis, which would be good. Letters of can be sent to the address in the letter: 090414 ltr to Senate Committee re SB-273. Be nice.
  • In the last WIN edition we mentioned a San Francisco group that is asking the Federal Government to stop using false information about medical marjuana. NCFM VP Don Saxton did a little digging and found this little gem, the Data Quality Act (DAQ). A few NCFM legal eagles think this law extends to other entities receiving federal funds. Then there’s the Information Quality Act (IQA). Hopefully someone out there may be able to tell us whether the DAQ ande IAQ are one in the same. “…Information Quality Guidelines were developed in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 106-554 and OMB government-wide requirements directing all federal agencies to issue guidelines for ensuring the quality of the information that they disseminate to the public.” Obviously this or these may become very useful tools used to help pursuade wayward federally funded organizations to remove from websites, curriculums, promotional materials, and so on gender biased information displayed in false terms… Marc A. found this great example of an IQA report, click here… let your imaginations soar… unfortunately, it appears there are some potholes to plot before soaring to high… more as we figure it out…

Child Protective Services

  • Sacramento Grand Jury’s report “Nothing Ever Changes - Ever” rockets CPS director into early retirement. After several investigations the SAC-GJ was fed up with CPS’s continuous mismanagement and refusal to change. The same is true for San Diego where similar investigations began in the late 1980’s with scathing grand jury reports. CPS is the land of Oz, a never-never island of immune arrogance snubing it’s snotty nose at any and all who question it’s authority. CPS agencies, for starters, need (1) an independent non stakeholder oversight committee with teeth (2) an independent administrative review process (3) an independent Ombudsperson (4) transparency including being able to hold employees directly accountable for incompetance, malfeasance, maladminstration, and neglegence, and (5) be prohibited from using coersive and clearly overhanded procedures. Administrative judges and the Ombudsperson must have independent and separate budgets, offices off CPS premises, and reporting responsiblity to no one within CPS. Otherwise they should be shut down until exterminators can disinfect the facilities so we can start over…

Child Support

  • What’s wrong with this picture… besides poor resolution?

10 most wanted big


  • 2009 Family Dispute Resolution, Statewide Educational Institute, Navigating the Winds of Change: Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, April 23-24, 2009, $200, lots of judges and other court professionals.



  • Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she’d kissed goodbye to conflict… sure. It went bankrupt. Thanks to Down Under NCFM member Greg A. for the article. Greg noted, “It’s a great demonstration of the fallacy of the ‘If women ruled the world we wouldn’t have a financial crisis” attitude.’” Or, just bad management regardless of gender.
  • Jeremy S. sends us, The silliest feminist outrage scandal of all time. Or at least this week… “A woman principal has been denied membership in a club that has no say on whether or where she plays golf, in a city with two women-only golf courses, except she doesn’t like golf, but has in any case retaliated against a silly club in which men dress up as women. (Ms. Richardson, according to her photo in the New York Times, dresses like a man).” You figure it out, it’s beyond me…
  • Gloria Steinem Still Committing Outrageous Acts at 75… Steinem: “I hope that within a decade, every statement of human rights will include reproductive freedom right along with freedom of speech. Reproductive freedom just means the right to own our own bodies, to have or not to have children, in safety and without government interference…” so long as government or men pay for all or most of it… one way or another including cash… great interview though… well worth the read.

choice no choice 2000


  • Recession bad for PI’s, maybe even for cheaters… New York Times column says chasing cheaters business off 50% for at least one PI who thinks cheating is on the skids for the want of money for dark restaurants and hotel rooms rented by the hour… *22 percent of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives. *14 percent of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives. *70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men did not know about their spouse’s affair. *90 percent of Americans believe adultery is morally wrong. *17 percent of divorces in the U.S. are caused by infidelity…” biology trump morality; or, once an animal always an animal… nature happens.
  • On the other hand, ABC’s Women’s Health section says newly wed cheating on the rise, “What gives? Part of the problem, says David Popenoe, Ph.D., founder and codirector of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University, is that we’ve become an anything-goes society, in which the indiscretions of politicians, sports figures, and pop celebrities are practically daily news… plus the lack of moral substance maybe from lack of a father in our 50% divorce society… “…researchers at the University of Washington Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors who analyzed data on infidelity taken from the General Social Survey found that roughly 20 percent of men and 15 percent of women under age 35 copped to cheating on their spouses in 2006 (the latest figures available), up from 15 and 12 percent, respectively, 15 years earlier…”


  • NCFM member Jerry Boggs has a nifty what do men get from Obama article on MaleMatters… here’s the way I see it: Father abandons Obama at age two. He’s raised largely by a grandmother and his single mom who reportedly has her nudy pictures ensconced on the web. He’s married with two young daughters. His only connection with men is sweat swapping on the basketball court, where he releases his anger and gets away from women for awhile… Does that sound like someone who wants to help men?


  • Do Parents Matter? Shrink says not as much as peers. What do you think? Thanks Don S. for this mind bender.

Paternity Fraud

  • A Florida man is battling to get his child support payments refunded after finding out he’s Duped Dad. His attorney says “they” have never listened to the man that he is not the father. The Department of Revenue says they know he’s not the biological father but he was the legal father when the child was born… he’s no longer obligated to pay more child support but the state wants $9,000 in arrears… crazy, crazy stuff. Again, the woman who caused the problem goes unscathed while an innocent man pays for her fraud and destruction…

Sexual Assault/Rape

  • Newport Beach, CA woman arrested for extorting man with a false rape charge… she could get up to three years in the pokey… the man could have gotten life… seems fair to me. Of course, she’ll only get probation and soon be free to extort again.
  • Martha Rizo, 51,was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison Wednesday after helping her boyfriend rape another woman. She was found guilty of sexual assault — a class two felony. Rizo and boyfriend Rene Perez, 31, invited an acquaintance home where Perez is alleged to have sexually assaulted her. Apparently Rizo helped Perez by holding down the woman’s arms during the assault. Perez was sentenced to 24 years to life in prison… well at least Rizo got some jail time regardless of blaming her behavior on a man…
  • A 43-year-old woman was arraigned for rape allegedly sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl… she was released on $2,500 bond… now that’s more like it, business as usual, put her back on the street for cheap… never happen if it she were a he…
  • Women wait to report rape pondering confusion, consequences
    Subhead: Victims often wait months to come forward
    … about college kids… she says, “I kind of just ignored it for a while,” she said. “I half-blamed myself for it happening because I got that out of control.”. Meaning she was probably plastered-drunk playing grab-ass and unzip the monster with our 18-year-old high octane testosterone rapist, also blitzo… all that guilt for waiting so long to establish herself as a victim and no responsibility for her behavior… not right, particularly if it destroys another young person’s life… this is kind’a interesting, “…about 500 men and 1,300 women experience unwanted sexual assault at the University of Minnesota each year…” Anytime I’ve checked campus police statistics for a major university I’m lucky to find a dozen reports of sexual assult in any given year… those young Minnesotan’s must be hot, hot, hot… and, horny.
  • It’s Sexual Awareness month… Woopie!


  • She wandered into our Men’s Center at four this afternoon… tall, willowy hair, blue jeans, 30ish, lost. She didn’t know where to go or how to get help for her firefighter brother who lay comatose in a San Diego hospital. Last week a bottle of compressed oxygen malfunctioned and took off like a rocket right into her brothers head. While he’s receiving the best medical attention, he is also going through a highly contested divorce case and had a hearing yesterday. He was probably defaulted into something or other for failure to appear. His sister had no other information about the court case. After numeous “please leave a message” calls we called Family Court’s Supervising Judge’s clerk and got the case number. After several other fruitless phone calls we reached the Assistant Fire Chief and explained the situation. He made a couple of phone calls, including one to the Firefighters Union, and will hopefully have a representative at the appropriate court house on Monday to take care of any problems that may have occurred from missing the court date. Had she gone to a provider of services for women at four in the afternoon on a Friday it’s doubtful she would have gotten more than a “I’m sorry we can’t help you.” Two faced callousness has always bothered me…


  • Doesn’t get worse than this… “I fell at her feet and begged to see my son…” She says no, he kills himself. Syed Makhdoom stacked up evidence that showed his ex-wife as a three times married for money and blackmailing golddigger… another man dead, another female perpetrator not held accountable…


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Women Industry News April 15, 2009

April 15th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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By Harry Crouch 


  • We now have a National Coalition For Men - San Diego (NCFM-SD) “Meetup” site which helps notify those who sign up of upcoming events. People are already signing up which is helping to increase interest and membership. All our chapters should start a “Meetup” group since it’s inexpensive and seems to be an effective tool for advocacy and education. Our last meeting was near standing room only. NCFM-SD Rich A. keeps the site updated. Thanks Rich!
  • Our webmaster implemented a very cool Google map of our growing list of chapters. If you are not an NCFM member you should be. If you are a man or woman interested in (in)justice, fairness, and equitable treatment you need to become an NCFM member: JOIN.
  • NCFM’s mission statement was recently refined by the Board of Directors and is for now “The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) is a nonprofit educational organization that raises awareness about the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys.
  • For those of you following our effort to stop a gender biased police training video in San Diego there has been some movement. We are waiting for Pat McGrath, who is in charge of the Family Protection Division, to schedule and appointment to discuss the video, which he said he would schedule later this week. That meeting may include a telephone conference to include some of those from and outside San Diego who sent in letters protesting the video. I sent 35 copies of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) letter to the five San Diego County Board of Supervisors; six City Council Members, nine police chiefs, several key judges, and others as appropriate. Thus far I’ve received a response from Supervisor Cox who thanked me for “bringing this controversy to his attention”, which he “found most interesting”. Judge Alksne is the Supervising Judge for San Diego Family Court. I just received a phone call from her Assistant who scheduled an appointment for me to meet with Judge Alksne at the end of the month. Judge Alksne and I will also be discussing California’s Elkin’s Family Law Task Force and Attorney William Eddy’s high conflict divorce diversion program “New Ways for Families“. I will also bring to the Judge’s attention the informational letter (below) by Dr. Jayne Major regarding a four step process for dealing with high conflict family court cases. I also sent out roughly 80 press releases throughout the County with no responses. However, NCFM member attorney/activist Marc Angelucci and I lunched with a high circulation media reporter last week and he said he could use it; so, there may be something in the current issue of the San Diego Reader. He wanted to stay informed of progress with the DA as well as another interesting issue Marc brought to his attention.
  • Speaking of the California Elkin’s Family Court Task Force, one of our Men’s Center members, Enrique M., wrote a terrific summation of the meeting in San Francisco, which you can read here. Judge Alksne is a member of the Task Force.
  • Products of advocacy… Marc Angelucci has been published so many times some media sources use him as a “source” for information and comments. Today,an attorney who works with Marc at San Diego’s Men’s Legal Center was asking for an attorney fee award in a family court hearing, and the judge pulled out an article, Balance of Costs May Change in Divorce Court, Daily Journal, date unknown,read a quote from Marc, and jokingly asked Marc’s co-worker if he knows Marc. Marc wasn’t even aware of the article in which he said, Family Law judges often “reflexively grant fee awards based on income disparities alone…We see so many people, mostly dads, who can’t retain counsel or can’t replenish their retainers after being hit with fee awards.” It’s a good article too, about a pro se litigant who won a land mark appellate decision concerning attorney fees.



  • Mel Gibson’s wife filed for divorce. Are you sitting down? She could get $400 million or more for doing nothing more than being married… oulala, and that doesn’t even cover child support! Kind’a makes you wonder if getting up to go to work in the morning is worth it… poor Mel will be next to destitute with what’s left… the other $400 million, less that pesky child support which might bring his net worth down to about $39.50 after taxes.


  • CPS accused of defying judge’s order… no news there … Criminal court says no to restraining order, family court says no to restraining order, CPS gets one from dependency court or threatens to take away children if one parent does not distance themselves from the other, even if there’s no evidence to support the coercion… business as usual…typical.




  • “I consider the children’s need for, and right to have, optimal real contact with their father as much more important” than the mother’s desire to live a rural life,” so say da’judge. I like this guy. The quote comes from a revealing Australian news story about “move-a-ways” and having a parent child relationship over the Internet using Skype. Worth a read. (Thanks Down-Under NCFM member Ian W.) Oh, Ian says, “In other words, Caroline Overington [the author] is openly admitting that the Family court is hopelessly biased towards mothers and that the Court’s policy effectively regards children as little more than women’s property.” Yup.
  • Michael McCormick in the ACFC newsletter wrote, “…read a summary of her [Dr. Jayne Major] presentation, The Macabre Dance of Family Law, which describes a three Tier mediation protocol for reform of family court practices. It begins with a presumption of 50-50 shared parenting to “level the playing field” and thus make real mediation possible, as opposed to the inherently inflammatory “winner-take-all” sole custody model that all too often is the spark that ignites conflict that then explodes out of control in our currently dysfunctional family law system.” Good stuff. There’s the similar project mentioned above, New Ways for Families, already being tested in a San Diego Family Court, though there is no suggestion of starting at 50/50 presumptive shared custody which is fundamental to the success of such a program. Professor Linda Mills is doing something similar with her domestic violence “Peacekeeping Circles” program now operating in a couple of states and the subject of an upcoming conference in New York. All are great starts that should be supported, but each also shares a common problem. In my experience highly volatile cases almost always involve at least one participant with a major character disorder, as both Dr. Major and Bill Eddy recount, like borderline, narcissistic, histrionic, and[/or] anti-social. To my knowledge there are no short term treatments and few long term treatments for such individuals. Such people do not generally sabotage mediations, are unable to compromise, or adhere to court ordered agreements. The second problem is “labeling”. Quit often such situations involve a false accusation of domestic violence, child abuse or sexual assault causing the label “perpetrator” or “victim” to follow each person through the court process. As we know, most such accusations are false. Hence, true perpetrators, those that most likely have the character disorder, may have their aberrant behaviors reinforced. Consequently children are often left to a perpetrator rather than the better parent. None of these programs will be largely successful until such labeling stops and comprehensive psychological testing occurs prior to any form of dispute resolution. Even then some of the challenges may be insurmountable. McCormick suggests printing our Dr. Majors paper and using it as handout. I agree.
  • Giving parents equal parenting time by law… new study says things are hunky-dory in Washington State where 93% of “final agreements” are made by both parents, whatever that means. Heck if the numbers in this article are correct one would think family court could close since there’s so much mutual respect, give and take, and common respect among Washington parents of divorce… must be all that clean air in the Pacific Northwest of fluff fantasy…or data taken out of context which is more likely… I wonder if our activist friends in the Washington agree… (Thanks to Rudy for the tip).


  • Abuse Excuse: How Liberalism Keeps Women in Their Place… another on target rant from Carey Roberts, one of the loud and growing conservative voices who have finally figured it out…
  • A threat to Title IX… men’s and boy’s rights activist Professor Christina Hoff Sommers, my hero… Obama puts on full court press to discriminate against men in science and engineering at the behest of feMEists… no shock there. (It was Sommers first book Who Stole Feminism that launched me into the world of men’s rights activism).
  • Unbelievable… Animal studies at Harvard… “When feminist Mary Wollstonecraft published A Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792, satirist Thomas Taylor responded with A Vindication of the Rights of Brutes. Taylor mocked the absurdity of studying women’s rights by suggesting this might one day lead scholars to take seriously the even zanier notion of animal rights. If this occurred, he warned, “government may be entirely subverted, subordination abolished…”
  • As an aside, did you know the first woMEN stuDIEs program opened in San Diego in 1972; and, that since then hundreds of these psychotic who-am-I-really-4+4-equals-11-or-whatever-I-want-it-to-equal laced curriculums have infested the world, including several hundred in the good’ol USA and 43 in Canada. These men-are-always-wrong programs have spread to Croatia (1), Cyprus (1), Chile (4), China (2), France (3 - I mistakenly figured France, where it’s illegal to tell jokes about women, for at least a couple thousand such programs), Estonia (1), Israel (5), and more. In fact, these women-always-know-best programs are rooted like itching powder in boxer shorts in over 65 countries… I’m sure glad I’m not one of those world conquest conspiracy theory nuts… I’m more into the space alien thing… if we could only find their spaceships… check out the movie trailer “Women Studies” then help search for their birthing pods…


  • U.S. asked to stop ‘false information’ on medical pot… says, “Reporting from San Francisco and Los Angeles — Citing ‘overwhelming’ evidence that marijuana eases pain and anxiety for the chronically ill, medicinal pot advocates told a federal appeals panel Tuesday that the federal government should be stopped from spreading “false information” about marijuana… my brain hurts… where’d I put that the last of that Blueberry Bud? Maybe if we all got stoned at the same time we could do one of those feminist connected-ways-of-knowing things and OHMMM away all the false information about domestic violence too. Did you know they make cannabis vodka? (Thanks Don S who is always looking out for our health).
  • Want to increase your stress level 10% or more? Get promoted say the Brits! (Thanks Ron H.)
  • Untreated mental disorders common among single mothers on welfare… ouch, like who knew, right? More specifically, “Urban single mothers nearing the end of their welfare eligibility appear more likely to have substance use and psychiatric disorders than women in the general population, and often do not receive treatment…46.8 percent had at least one disorder in the 12 months preceding the interview. Psychiatric disorders-the most common being anxiety and mood disorders-affected 53.2 percent of the women over their lifetime and 44.1 within the previous 12-months…” Another reason to spend more money on single motherhood rather than programs to help promote marriages, the later being much less expense, better for children, and therefore more sensible.
  • More Stimulus Funds Distributed for Disease Prevention and Child Care…meaning, more Women Industry jobs.
  • Mom collects dead sons sperm… “The mother of a 21-year-old assault victim who died of his injuries received permission Tuesday for his sperm to be collected post-mortem, giving her the chance to have a grandchild through a surrogate mother.” Who’s going to pay the child support? Thanks Wendy McElroy from (Hi Wendy!).
  • Male suicide rates climbing in Massachusetts… my guess is male suicide rates will sky rocket over the next few years… and our government(s) won’t do a damn thing to stop it. To do so they would have to re write child support laws to take into consideration the ever increasing unemployment rates… which is interesting since I recently saw an article which I cannot find that showed men’s unemployment rates plummet while women’s employment rates were projected to increase 12% since much of the economic-stimulus money is targeted at soft-jobs primarily filled by women…
  • What turns animal lovers into pet horders… “In reality, hoarders compulsively collect animals and/or allow them to reproduce even as conditions deteriorate. They lack awareness and sympathy for the creatures…” Kind’a sounds like what our welfare system does… think about it before jumping to “he’s crazy”. Oh… pet-horders tend to be women… not good for our fury friends.


  • Activists in Maine need to polish their pencils. State Rep. Kimberley Rosen, R-Bucksport, a third-term legislator, is sharpening hers cranking out more proposed DV legislation, she submitted, LD 567, “An Act To Provide Increased Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence”. Notice in the related article there is no mention of an abused man. Start sending letters…
  • The Mothers Act (S. 1375: Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act) has the net effect of reclassifying the natural process of pregnancy and birth as a mental disorder… Ok… big Sister’s at it again… and it’s worse than it sounds. This monster has just passed the House of Representatives and is now headed tothe Senate. Send a letter by going here: Please call the following Senators on the HELP Committee and tell them that you want the Mother’s Act to die in committee. (Thanks Mark Young and Sam Ross for some of this information).
    • Lisa Murkowski, R: 202-224-6665, AK
    • John McCain, R: 202-224-2235, AZ
    • Christopher Dodd, D: 202-224-2823, CT
    • Johnny Isakson, R: 202-224-3643, GA
    • Tom Harkin, D: 202-224-3254, IA
    • Pat Roberts, R: 202-224-4774, KS
    • Edward Kennedy D: 202-224-4543, MA
    • Barbara Mikulski D: 202-224-4654, MD
    • Richard Burr, R: 202-224-3154, NC
    • Kay Hagan, D: 202-224-6342, NC
    • Judd Gregg, R: 202-224-3324, NH
    • Jeff Bingaman, D: 202-224-5521, NM
    • Sherrod Brown, D 202-224-2315, OH
    • Tom Coburn, R 202-224-5754, OK
    • Jeff Merkley, D 202-224-3753, OR
    • Bob Casey, D 202-224-6324, PA
    • Jack Reed, D 202-224-4642, RI
    • Lamar Alexander R 202-224-4944, TN
    • Orrin Hatch R 202-224-5251, UT
    • Bernard Sanders, I: 202-224-5141, VT
    • Patty Murray, D, 202-224-2621, WA
    • Michael Enzi, R, 202-224-3424, WY


  • New York NCFM member Peter Allemano is one of the best writers I am privileged to know. You have a rare opportunity to see what I mean by reading his movie review of I Love You, Man. Peter writes, “Men, if they want to have relationships with feminist women at all, have no choice but to accept their second-tier status in the realm of emotional connectedness…” If you were an NCFM member you would receive snail-mail copies of Transitions wherein you could read Peter’s upcoming commentaries about one quite disturbed Ms. Dwumbell, for real… but you have to be an NCFM member…worse things could happen!



  • “The study, The Changing Racial Dynamics of the War on Drugs, documents a corresponding rise in the number of whites in state prison for a drug offense, an increase of 42.6% during this time frame, or more than 21,000 people. The number of Latinos incarcerated for state drug offenses was virtually unchanged.”


  • Soldiers at risk… “The military is dealing with a record number of suicides among active-duty forces. According to figures obtained by CBS News, 140 soldiers took their lives in 2008. In the first four months of 2009 that number was 54.” No mention in the article about family problems…


  • “Witch Hunt” narrated by Sean Penn. Must see re the consequences of wrongful convictions and imprisonment of parents. (Thanks PJ and Brian)
  • Get Your Justice Live: Equal Parenting. Internet radio every Wednesday night… always worth a listen.

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Women Industry News April 10, 2009

April 11th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in Women Industry News


  • Children Rights Council (CRC) and National Coalition for Men (NCFM) members met with Representative Susan Davis who offered to begin an investigation into the “family court mess” if her office is provided with sufficient evidence. If you live in the San Diego area and have definitive evidence of malfeasance or maladministration in any aspect of the family court arena, particularly Child Protective Services (CPS) or Minor’s Counsel, mail it to Harry Crouch, 932 C Street, Suite B, San Diego 92101 ATTN: GUILLERMO AUAD). In the absence of solid evidence please a letter bullet-listing the problems that you faced or problems of which you are aware. BE OBJECTIVE (no he-said, she-said please) AND BRIEF. No more than 1 page. Nobody will read it if it is longer than 1 page. NO LETTERS/DOCUMENTS BY EMAIL PLEASE.
  • NCFM and California Men’s Center members flew from San Diego to San Francisco to testify before the State Elkin’s Family Law Task Force.
  • NCFM members and several activists, authors, and domestic violence researchers prepared a letter for the San Diego District Attorney detailing blatant gender discrimination in a new police training video.
  • NCFM members have had several conversations or meetings with media representatives interested in pursuing stories concerning such things as CPS corruption and at least one “730 Evaluator” who falsified his professional credentials.
  • NCFM members in Los Angeles have proposed to the Domestic Violence Council a gender neutral and inclusive policy for their consideration.
  • Another group of NCFM members and a member of the Men’s Health Network have a meeting scheduled with Los Angeles domestic violence industry operatives and program directors to discuss various aspects of service delivery systems.


  • (Thanks Dean G.) “…third edition from “The Banner Guy” down in Georgia… the second banner from a few weeks ago garnered a visit from Cobb County PD providing armed escort for a code enforcement inspector hand-delivering notification that the banner did not conform to county residential signage code (too many square feet). Taking advantage of the very same county sign code, [Mr. Cobb] was able to make a minor modification to the banner (top line), turn in into a “holiday oriented” display, and was good to go…” I love this guy!

Georgia activism at its finest





  • “Harry… battering intervention programs are not working. This study (Batter Intervention Systems of California an Evaluation 2008) has been proceeded byan ever growing number of other studies that clearly document these programs don’t work. The DOJ, after listening to many complaints about the methodology of the previous studies, provided this grant to CA to see what a very sound empirical evaluation would conclude. The CA study finds that educated men without criminal history and no drug abuse had a lower likelihood of re-arrest. However, the CA study fails mention that the DOJ’s most extensivereview of BIP to date documents the same is true for men with those characteristics who do not attend a BIP…. the CA BIPs do little to nothing to change the behavior of most violent offenders… the study does conclude it that none of the BIPs even attempt to address the “different needs” of those arrested.You do not want to end or stop the “system” you simply think it might be a good idea that the interventions following the path that empirical evidence-based studies tell us that they should. That does not take place and CA very much like the rest of the nation just simple keeps doing the same thing over-and-over again - with minor tweaks here and there - while expecting different results.That was the essence of my CA chapter in the book. You simply question why anyone can believe that it isa good idea to keep spending millions on interventions that provide no empirical evidence-based data that they work. (Richard Davis)
  • Women shelters (”refuges”) in the UK told to open their doors for male victims or lose their money! Far as I know that’s a first and hopefully the beginning a trend that will find its way across the pond.
  • Female deputy back to work after punching out her ex-boyfriend… hmm.
  • Ouuu… ex-girlfriend Liza going to the mat re child custody battle with big time actor David Curuso… “It now appears that Liza has decided to retaliate by raising false claims against David, which David finds unfortunate since these claims will divert the parties’ and the court’s attention away from the best interests of the children.”


  • Bay area loses oldest feminist abortion clinic. The government stopped paying and they couldn’t support themselves. One entitlement program bites the dust. Could this be a preview of more of the same…
  • TIME MAGAZINEL has a great interview with Phyllis Schlafly. Me I would have preferred the Equal Rights Amendment passed. If it had much if not most of the discrimination against men may have died long ago… I think the other type feminists figured that out and backed off pushing for the ERA after Phyllis pretty much stopped their movement. Now the fems are pushing an equal rights amendment for women only.
  • Women demand equality as long as women and children come first; excellent, the Irish finally figured it out. That’s one country with I don’t know how many more to go…
  • Feminists overstate the importance of breastfeeding-I love this women, Suzzane Venker. Suzzane, please marry me and bear my children. Let’s be breeders… she writes, “ndeed, no good feminist would ever suggest a mother stay home on her own accord. Feminists claim to put the needs of children first, but never for a moment suggest women have a choice in whether or not to stay home. Instead it’s society’s fault. If companies simply offered their employees the option of a three-year maternity leave, children could have their mothers at their sides. The fact that women could choose to opt out of their own free will is never entertained. After all, this would require a steadfast belief in personal responsibility.”
  • College students: beware of one-party classrooms: excellent book review and brief explanation of how Fe-ME-ism destroyed out educational system and turned classrooms into Khmer Rouge Cambodian re education camps.
  • Mother Jones runs, “Feminism’s Frankensteins“… pretty harsh for far left Jone’s Momma.
  • Women’s studies course too valuable to lose… sure…




  • Recipe for a good paternity fraud bill
  • Howard S. v. Lillian S.
    2009 N.Y. Slip Op. 01880
    (New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, March 17, 2009)
    Wife’s infidelity, and alleged concealment from husband of parentage of child born of that infidelity, did not rise to level of “egregious or uncivilized” conduct that could justify its consideration in equitably distributing property in couple’s divorce proceedings.

Rabbath C. v Farid H.
No. 1D07-6583
(Florida District Court of Appeal, First District, March 17, 2009)
Both husband’s dissipation of money during his extra-marital affair and his concealment of income and assets during the dissolution proceeding could be factored into the equitable distribution of assets and liabilities.

(Thanks Ron H. who notes, “In one, the wife concealed her affair and the fact that the cuckolded husband’s money was supporting a child not his own. That’s OK.  The wife gets a share of marital assets with no adjustment for her behavior.  She has rights to a share not reduced by her behavior; he has responsibilities to pay for her rights.  In the other case it was the husband who had an affair.  He did not make the wife support another woman’s child but he did “waste” some of his money on his girlfriend.  That’s bad.  His share of the marital assets is reduced because of his bad behavior.  She has rights to a share increased by his behavior; he has responsibilities to pay for her rights.”)

RESTRAINING ORDERS:                                      

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Women Industry News 3/17/09

March 17th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in Women Industry News

  • Feds Turn Their Sights on Third Pa. Judge as Part of Corruption Probe just a matter of time before Pennsylvania sinks in stink from this send innocent kids to prison for profit scandal. I have not heard yet of any of the juvi jailers being indited for passing the bribes to the judges, then there’s the politicians molding under rocks that influenced legislation needed to establish the private for profit prison system. Stink, stink, stink… but wait until you see the website to which the above link takes you… very interesting too.
  • The Family Violence Treatment and Education Association Spring and Summer Bulletin is worth a read. It’s about the only such periodical going offering scholarly works from our perspective, meaning center road, fair, equitable, and not gender biased.
  • Md. Domestic Violence Bill Splits Female Lawmakers  progress is progress even when stymied by stupid men; here women battle it out for what’s right. Regardless, this is true progress since it involves taking something away from the DV industry instead of doling it out, which may be a first anywhere…
  • Marine free after conviction tossed out which is such an outrageous story that one of the most important points is completely lost… no sanctions for those that caused the grief.
  • Gender differences, yes, most of us know men and women are different, but why? Here’s an excellent site that answers that question. Thanks Tom G. for pointing it out. Tom just got this article published, What every social worker needs to know about men, please take copies to your friendly mind bender, lawyer, judge, or politician. Tom doesn’t know it yet but I’m trying to hook him up as a presenter at an upcoming social worker conference in San Diego.
  • Take a look at the upper right hand corner of We’ve got some new chat room things or whatever they are called.
  • Nunn pleads not guilty to domestic-violence charges, former Kentucky gubernatorial candidate bites the dust. “Nunn has said that Ross blocked his path to prevent him from leaving her apartment… he ’struggled’ for 20 minutes to reach the stairs. He described Ross as “stocky and strong like a bull” because she worked out with a personal trainer twice a week. Nunn said he slapped her in the face and Ross “stopped attacking me… Ross offered to let him leave if he let her strike him in the face. She did so, cutting his face with her ring… Hmm. Sound familiar? Ross goes free while the man under attacked faces criminal charges and has his career destroyed. What an ass backward system Fe-Me-ist ideological idiocy brings.
  • Convicted Killer Loses Custody Of Daughter , “…Judge Philip Zeigler terminated Megan Lewis Grant’s parental rights after a daylong hearing …” Gee, maybe there should be a law that says if you are convicted of murder you automatically lose your parental rights. The judge could  have heard 30 or 40 contested divorce cases the day it took him to terminate the parental rights of a this murderer.
  • Don’t Talk to the Police” by Professor James Duane. This video has been around for awhile but it’s well worth the time if you have not seen it, particularly if you are anticipating again getting arrested for domestic violence or child abuse that you didn’t commit. May as well hone your skills with this video.
  • Former New York teacher rearrested in teen-affair , she gets probation… a man would have gotten ten years. Thanks Ron H. for the disgusting news.
  • Oprah Winfrey: my Rihanna, Chris Brown show ‘a huge, teachable moment, Entertainment Weekly’s take on Oprah’s with all that money why does Rihanna need a man show. Opy didn’t want to talk about Rihanna first pounding away on Chris with her spiked shoe… same ideological drivel, different day…
  • Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault for assault… wow, reality check! “Of the teens questioned, more than half said both Brown, 19, and Rihanna, 21, were equally responsible for the assault. More than half said the media were treating Brown unfairly, and 46 percent said Rihanna was responsible for the incident,” which she was. Boston’s going to start spending money to fix the perception problem… probably to make sure young people know it’s not Ok to hit a woman even in self-defense. Better to fund programs that keep fathers in the lives of their children and let Dads teach that it’s wrong to hit anyone except in self defense. Such perceptions are another failure of the Supremist Fe-ME-ist Domestic Violence Industry which has no regard for anything other than it’s failing and destructive ideology.

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Women Industry News March 10, 2009

March 10th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
Article Source
Posted in Women Industry News

  • Secretary of State Clinton helps in international child custody case  David Goldman may now have a chance of regaining custody of his son from Brazil, which is a good thing. But why Hillary? Is it because she really believes Mr. Goldman should have custody; or, is it because she knows she can get considerable international press coverage? The only reason I wonder is John Murtari was arrested I don’t know how many times as he stood in front of Senator Clinton’s offices with a sign asking for her to intervene in his long running custody dispute. She ignored him, except to have him repeatedly thrown in jail. I guess his case wasn’t high profile like Mr. Goldman’s. Me thinks two-faced Hillary smelled publicity. Otherwise she would not even have given Mr. Goldman a cursory bum’s rush.
  • The scarcity of information about male domestic violence related male suicides has interested me for several years. About a year ago my friend Richard Davis, one of the best DV researchers in the world, took a similar interest. Since then he has been digging up what little information exists, some of which will be revealed in an upcoming article soon to be published by He notes in an email that, “You might remember that in 2005 the UVDRS [Utah Violent Death Reporting System] reported 42 male and 2 female domestic violence-related suicides. In 2006 the number changed dramatically for females, in 2006 it was 35 male and 11 female domestic violence-related suicides. Of that number 6 were homicide suicides. Nevertheless the number of male domestic violence related deaths continues to be far higher for males than females” First, there are substantially more male DV and non DV related suicides than female DV and non DV related homicides; so, why do we only hear about the epidemic of female DV related homicides? Second, why the change in the Utah data? Were there really substantially less male DV related suicides and substantially more female related suicides in 2006. I suspect the only significant change was in how information re such deaths was interpreted. And, that that interpretation was caused by pressure from the misandric ideologically driven Utah Domestic Violence Council. Why? Because the victimization of women is central to the survival and growth of the Women Industries which cannot survive in its present state when the world wakes up to the resounding fact that in general men are far more abused than are women, most starkly in death. Unfortunately, “death review teams” vary dramatically from one geographic location to another, but all are designed to minimize male DV related deaths while embellishing female DV related deaths. We will change that…
  • New Trial for Man Convicted Of Wife Rape, an incredible tale of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct arising from the war against men and fathers, “guilty unless he proved otherwise… The defense attorney stated in his motion that [Assitant DA Mary] Kellett told the jury “there was no evidence that the sexual assaults did not occur…” Also
  • Boys Don’t Cry, research found three in 10 women in England and Wales have experienced domestic abuse. It’s two in 10 for men. Very good audio documentary that debunks many Supremist Feminst myths. Sent to you by Dave H. in New Jersey - go figure.
  • Jeff Leving’s Divorce Magazine packed full of useful articles.Give it a look.
  • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners March 2009 Journal spotlighted men’s health, including useful articles about Engaging men in health care, Men and depression, Men and mental Health, The newly single man. Thanks Greg A. from Down Under for the information.
  • I GUESS THIS MEANS ANY OF YOU ABUSED GUYS TOO! Small Grants Assist Domestic Violence Survivors, The Allstate Foundation Education and Job Training Fund, established by the Foundation in partnership with National Network to End Domestic Violence, provides small grants to survivors of domestic violence to help them achieve their educational and job related goals. Eligible expenses include books and tuition for school, job skills training, temporary child care, public transportation, etc. Any survivor of domestic violence is eligible to apply; however, the application must be completed by a local domestic violence program or coalition to be accepted. Applications may be submitted at any time. Details about the program are available on the National Network to End Domestic Violence website.
  • Rihanna ‘hit Chris Brown first’ No surprise really. Bottom line, well… if Rihanna had not been punching Chris, then Chris would not have defended himself and beat Rihanna sillier than she already is. Here though, as usual, the person who attacked first, perpetrated the violence, started the ruckus, is somehow seen as the victim and will escape consequences for her criminal behavior for no reason other than she is a woman. On the other hand, Chris, who apparently acted in self-defense is being prosecuted for no other reason than he is a man. Had roles been reversed Chris would still be the one being prosecuted. The media quickly condemned Chris. His concerts were even cancelled. Let’s see if any adverse consequence to Rihanna’s career develops. Though I’ll bet nothing harms her and the media will find a way to minimize her outrageious behavior, continue to glorify her as a hapless target of violence, while Chris, the true victim, is further vilified. Oh, does anyone know if either Chris or Rhianna were raised by a single mother? Any bets?
  •, check out the “Women Who Kill” page.

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