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Meredith Walker

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Are we Capitulating to a Male-Dominated Society

June 17th, 2009
By Harry Crouch
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Are we Capitulating to a Male-Dominated Society?

By Meredith Walker

June 17, 2009

While in the past, men have had an overwhelming prominence in the business, scientific, and political world, the more recent decades have introduced a new woman-friendly society in which women have taken powerful positions they never could have before. However, some nationalities which still hold on to authoritative traditions have still placed men in much higher regard than women, even going so far as to promote sex-selection among their most modern families. Recent studies have indicated that Chinese, Korean, and Indian immigrants in the U.S. have displayed higher rates of male birth than is nationally averaged.

While in many of these foreign nations, sex-selection is almost endorsed, it is a surprise to note such trends within the United States. These typical South-Asian societies promote the importance of a male offspring so that they can inherit the family business or succeed in other male-dominated industries. This has become of particular importance in China, which mandates a one-child rule, thus leading to many families which actively promote the sex-selection of a male child over a female. China has additionally witnessed a new gender-imbalance which is sure to significantly impact the growing young adult population.

According to many studies, within fifteen years, China will have at least 30 million more men than women due to this one-child policy and the subsequent “necessity” to produce a male offspring. Many social scientists have furthermore predicted that this imbalance will cause a new social disruption in the growing nation. Past instances in history have revealed mass disorder to occur when genders are so obviously imbalanced; many unmarried men lead to frequent bouts of violence which thus spawns war and other social upheavals. Many low-income men are those most unlikely to find a wife, especially when there is so large a gap between the sexes, which can lead to increased instances of violence around the state. While this is not a significant problem in the United States, it is a telling sign that many South-Asian immigrants are still practicing this practice of sex-selection.

While most parents who practice sex-selection do so as a result of cultural pressure, many scientists assume that this will end once more families assimilate into the United States culture. These new immigrants still hold onto their previous ties with their home states and the elders of society who believe that men are needed in the family line to claim an inheritance and support the family later in life. With the rise of powerful women in the United States, as well as many Asian countries, this practice may be seen less and less in the modern world, but so far, many Chinese parents believe that the birth of a male child is a blessing.

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