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Harmful or Helpful

By Richard L. Davis MS, MA and Robin M. Davis RN, B.S., CSN, MS/CH

The knowledge of truth, combined with the proper regard for it and its faithful
observance, constitutes true education.

Joseph F. Smith

We believe that the January 6, 2009 ABC World News report by Charlie Gibson, Protecting Teens From Dating Violence was well intentioned as are all dating violence interventions and programs. However, the ABC report, similar to most media and educational presentations about dating violence, primarily or exclusively proffer girls as docile and passive victims and boys as assertive and aggressive offenders. Hence they are actually “Violence Against Girls” presentations rather than about dating violence victimization. Domestic violence websites demonstrate the same model concerning adult heterosexual domestic violence.

Gibson begins with, “For millions of teenage girls, the first high school boyfriend is a rite of passage. What most [girls] don’t realize is that the relationship can spiral into something they never considered – violence.” Gibson does not consider, nor mention that first high school girlfriends can present problems of dating violence for boys.

Gibson then notes… click here for the rest of the article: Harmful or Helpful

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