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Women Industry News, July 20, 2009

When will we have hated men enough? – USA, by NCFM member Trudy “T” Schuett: Another commenter (a girl this time) suggested I only need to read some feminist blog to see the evidence of the evil men do. Sorry, dear, but 57 years of check out the “San Diego” link (Thanks “T”). 

Obama’s betrayal of the working-class male, - Washington, DC, USA: As soon as Obama released his stimulus proposal, the National Organization for Women and other feminist groups swung into action. … the problem with feminist organizations like NOW is that they follow the age old female adage the what’s theirs is theirs and what’s not is theirs too… and that’s all they seem to care about, getting more for themselves regardless of how much harm it does to all the rest of us, men and women. Here, NOW operatives back-doored stimulus money into soft create and build nothing government jobs for women rather than jobs for both men and women that would have better repaired our aging infrastructure. Organizations like NOW simply have to be stopped before, as it says in the article, they make men’s participation (in families) irrelevant, even though research suggests it may be fathers, not mothers, who instill attributes of stability, empathy, curiosity and a host of other valuable qualities in children. Pure and simple, organizations like NOW are so caught up in themselves and quest for power, like most politicians, they are completely disconnected from mainstream America. Considering the outlook of the feminist catering current administration, which is beyond mere chivalry (Obama, Biden, Clinton…) Loraine Bobbit may soon be given a cabinet position… beam me up Scotty, I want to go home…

White House Focuses on Violence Against Women , By Susan Loubet, The Women’s Media Center: White House advisor on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault starts today. It’s about time…they say, but not me, since I heartedly disagree…

Senate Considers Concealed Weapons Amendment, CBS News: Keep in mind the bill of rights was written by men who had just purchased their freedom at incredible costs and they were only able to do so because they … they had guns, and its really as simple as that; otherwise, we would all still be bowing to the Queen…heck, I guess I would still just because… well, because she’s the Queen.  

Remarks At the Town Hall at Delhi University, US Department of State - Washington, DC, USA devise strategies for enhancing women’s empowerment and rights. Here in India, countless men and women every day are shaping the new future that awaits. … Hillary at work, why the hell do you think she accepted the Secretary of State job? For the travel? To get away from Bill? Just for the good food? Nope, how better to spread radical feminism throughout the world. The woman’s nuttier than a gaggle of computer geeks without their game controllers and we turn her loose with a jumbo jet with unlimited mileage… plus the poor schmucks in India have it worse than we do in North America and Europe. If an Indian woman has a dowry problem she just makes a false accusation and hubby’s entire extended family goes to jail and the woman gets all their property! Now that’s what I call family cleansing! Go Hillary, go babe…help he women of India… better you be there than here… maybe Obama just wanted her gone…

The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism, By Ellie Levensen, Independent - London, England,UK: Market research reveals that younger women think of feminism as a dirty word, or at least, an antiquated one. A triumph for post-feminists maybe… let us pray.

Women,don’t count on male circumcision to protect against HIV, Los Angeles Times - CA, USA: But the results of a study released this week are especially disappointing for researchers who’d hoped it might reduce HIV transmission to women. They don’t seem to be all that happy that maybe, just maybe, the procedure (whether you agree or not with the practice of circumcision in general) that it may help protect men. LA Times at its chivalrous best…

Police: Ind. Alleged Sexual Assault Is False Report: WCPO - Cincinnati, OH, USA: An allegation of rape has been determined to be a false accusation according to investigators in Dearborn County. Officials say the determination was based… but no arrests were made… go figure.

Read and Learn the Constitution! – USA: For starters, how well do you know the Bill of Rights? Sure, you probably know about freedom of the press and freedom of religion, but do you know that it … here’s some good advice to be taken to heart…

Man appeals to sue his rape accuser: Independent - London, England,UK: Much of these problems of the terrifying affect of false accusation would be solved if the identities of the accused were protected… HEY! IS ANYONE LISTENING OVER THERE? IT’S NOT A NEW IDEA BUT ITS RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

False accusation of rape Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: The extent of false reporting and false accusations of rape are disputed A.W. Burgess and R.R. Hazelwood state that little is published which addresses the … hmm, seems like something may be amiss here…

You May Think Domestic Violence Has Nothing to Do with You, San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA: Domestic violence is still this dirty secret, but if we don’t talk about it, how will it change? I don’t even know if that was the first time he hurt her What’s wrong with that article? Is it just a wee bit biased? What does it say about the leadership of some corporations? If you’ve read this far please leave answer those questions for me in the comments section.

Pa. youths want tainted convictions tossed, Washington Post - Washington, DC, USA: A judge heard arguments Friday on how to restore the legal rights of juveniles sentenced by former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella (shiv-uh-REL’-uh)

Prosecutors favor new trials for juveniles, Wilkes Barre,PA,USA before disgraced former Judge Mark Ciavarella are entitled to new trials, request to bar the retrial of juveniles who appeared before Ciavarella … what a mess!

Grand jury looks at CPS, - Vacaville,CA,USA: Child Protective Services in Solano County was hit with a slew of complaints by the county grand jury … won’t do any good. Scathing report against CPS by the San Diego Grand Jury in the mid 1990’s resulted only in wasted paper and ink.

Marriage license fee increase may aid mediation center, - Vacaville,CA,USA: That money would go directly toward the Family Court Services Mediation Program of the Solano County Superior Court, effective August 21. The court plans to … how cleaver, but they’re competing with the money from marriage licenses that support domestic violence shelters…that ought to be a decent tug-of-war to watch…

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