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Arizona lawmaker talks about fight leading to girlfriend’s arrest

Story here. Excerpt:

'Calmly, 43-year-old Bundgaard told us he never hit or hurt Aubry Ballard, his girlfriend of seven months.

Bundgaard said Ballard started throwing his clothes out of the car and when he stopped to retrieve the items, she tried to get into the driver's seat.

That's when Bundgaard admits he pulled his on-again-off-again 34-year-old girlfriend out of the car.

"I asked her to get out the driver's seat and when she wouldn't then I physically removed her from the driver's seat," Bundgaard said.

Bundgaard said he never hit her, but tonight said he's the one with the black eye and fat lip.

"I've never hit a woman, don't abuse women, wasn't raised like that," he said.

Police arrested Ballard for one count of assault, but under the Arizona state constitution, Bundgaard couldn't be arrested for a misdemeanor while the legislature is in session.'

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