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Making men sit to pee: A new war on masculinity?

Article here. Excerpt:

'First you had to put the seat down. Now you have to sit?

A Taiwanese plan that would force men to urinate sitting down, like women, for the sake of “hygiene” is not going down well with the chaps.

Stephen Shen (yes, a man), minister of Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration, recently spearheaded a policy that requires men to sit down while they do the deed in government buildings.

“We want to learn from Japan and Sweden,” the administration’s director, Yuan Shaw-jing, told the BBC. “In Japan, we heard 30 per cent of the men sit.”

Earlier this year, Swedish politicians tabled a motion calling for genderless office washrooms with toilets only, nary a urinal in sight. They claim that sitting is cleaner but also helps men empty out their bladders more fully, which is good for the prostate.'

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