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F&F: A Change in Ohio Statutes Could Prevent Similar Tragedies

Article here. Excerpt:

'Emilliano Terry, a 3 year Cleveland boy, is dead. His skull was fractured and his body deposited in a dumpster. His twenty year old mother has been charged with his murder.

It’s been just over one week since Emilliano Terry was reported missing. In one month, our memories will fade and those of us outside of Emilliano’s family and community will not remember him at all. He will be remembered as just another sad statistic of domestic violence. But now, one week later, as facts emerge concerning Camilia Terry, the boy’s mother, it is obvious that Emilliano was living in a high risk environment and something should have been done. In fact, a lively round of the blame game has begun.

In this game, everyone associated with the mother is to blame. The maternal grandmother is to blame because she abused Camilia as a child - thus creating a cycle of abuse. The foster care system is to blame because it didn’t do enough for Camilia when she was placed there when she was 14. The father, Shawn Dotson, is to blame because he didn’t do enough to see his son. The paternal grandmother is to blame because she didn’t fight hard enough for custody of her grandchild. Apparently everyone is to blame.'

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