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Opinion: Teachers Accused of Sexual Misconduct: A Double Standard?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The recent arrest of Creekview High School teacher Blake Bearden for sexual assault caused many people to come forward and heap shame on the man for his transgressions.

On Canton-Sixes Patch, several comments were left on the article detailing Bearden's arrest that called the teacher a "pathetic scumbag," a "creep," and "the most disturbed man I've ever come in contact with."

This criticism may well be justified, depending on what the investigation of the case reveals, but what I find interesting is the reaction of people when a male teacher is suspected of misconduct with a student as opposed to a female teacher.

There are web pages that name "Hot Teachers Caught Sleeping With Students," all of whom are female. A popular response to news of a female teacher who is charged with misconduct with a student is, "Where were these teachers when I was a kid?" Instead of concern for the victim, praise is heaped on him or her (usually him) for his supposed conquest, and others lament that the victim "has nowhere else to go but down now."'

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