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False Rape Claim Leads to Shooting in Bartlett

Article here. Excerpt:

'(Bartlett, TN) Rachel Courtney is in jail charged with attempted murder. Police say she ran out of her house with a gun and machete.

According to police documents, her lover, Robbi Fitch claimed a man raped her. He later showed up at their home and parked outside.

The documents say Courtney got in the car, pulled a gun and she and the man fought over it.

He won, and pistol-whipped her, before she choked him.

The 57-year old man told police he took Fitch to buy drugs and have sex. Fitch said he raped her, but police said text message showed otherwise. They had been sleeping together regularly for years.
The girl caught in the middle finally admitted she wasn’t raped.

Rachel Courtney is charged with attempted first degree murder. Robbi Fitch is charged with making a false report.'

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