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Boy complains that Disney Cruise has no male characters

This is a really interesting story, currently popular on Reddit - and an MRI in my opinion. I just bet the girls on that cruise got ample time with princesses and various empowering females in one form or another. Good on this kid for complaining. Excerpt:

'IF AN eight-year-old kid is unsatisfied with a Disney Cruise Line experience, he has every right to complain. He's obliged to complain.

And this eight-year-old kid, Ethan, did just that, after he was robbed of the chance to see his heroes, or, "guys" he thinks "are cool" on the Disney Dream.

"I wish I could have met some princes like Aladdin or Eric, but there was no boy character on the ship," he wrote.

"I would also like to meet Jack Sparrow. It made me a little sad. I complained a lot. I'm not sure we'll go on another cruise again."'

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