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Nice try, Camilla, but belittling your England rugby captain boyfriend Chris Robshaw is not very sporting

Article here. Nice to see someone noticing this long-standing double-standard: Women airing dirty laundry publicly is given a pass while men doing the same is not. Anytime anyone in a couple does this kind of thing, it makes the entire couple look bad. After all, if you're with a person who does XYZ (insert some objectionable behavior here), then what does that say about you? Answer: You're the kind who "settles," and also doesn't keep private matters private. Really, it makes you look a lot worse than your mate. No one of either sex should be doing it. Excerpt:

'Camilla Kerslake is a gift to five of the Six Nations. The 24-year-old girlfriend of Chris Robshaw has taken the opportunity at this early point in the tournament to reveal that when he is not terrifying the opposition, England’s rugby captain likes nothing more than a spot of hoovering. Possibly while wearing a onesie.
Of course, Kerslake is not the first woman to carry out a public castration of her other half in the mistaken belief that it will make their relationship appear to us more equal. Downplaying your insignificant other is a female trait that few men would dare to indulge in because it would probably lead to a pickaxe being lodged in their head. “Oh, you should see her at home. She just slobs around in a tracksuit while I rub her shoulders.” And yet all over the Western world, women belittle their men.

... So we have Michelle Obama banging on about Barack at home, in an effort to connect with Everyman. “Does he pick up his socks?” she has said. “No, no, no he doesn’t. He’s not good, you know. He thinks he’s neat, but he has people who help him, you know, and I’m like, it’s not you who’s neat, the people who pick up your socks, those are the neat people.”
You might argue that women have endured men’s put-downs for centuries. That may be true. But does it mean we must play them at their own pathetic games?'

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