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“Why I am sueing the orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal for having a circumcision performed on his son”

Article here. Excerpt:

'I want to point out explicitly that I reject any ideology or action that is directed against a humane, tolerant, free and democratic value- and law-abiding society. I will refuse or quit any cooperation with persons or groups of whom I think would put a society based on democratic values, unconditional and at any time, in question.

In that spirit I also disapprove of any misuse of my efforts to further children's rights to bodily integrity by people that use the issue of circumcision to fuel their discriminating thoughts against minorities.
In the video published on the website of the Berlin Tagesspiegel one can see how Mr. Menachem Fleischmann takes a mouthful of wine, then leans down over baby Mendel Teichtal to suck blood from his bleeding penis.

In §1631d BGB the law states that parents may only consent to a foreskin amputation if it is to be performed according to the rules of medical science, with the degree of skill and learning commonly applied under all the circumstances in the community by the average prudent reputable member of the profession.

Taking a babies bleeding penis into one's mouth to suck blood out of it - a procedure called Metzitzah B'peh - can not be according to this rules.

Hence, in Germany parents can not legally consent to such a practice (a circumcision involving Metzitzah B'peh). The amputation of the foreskin was therefore illegal. This makes it an infliction of bodily harm (in this case additionally qualified as a dangerous one, since it was carried out with a knife).'

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