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SAVE: Ethics Board Issues Rebuke of Hancock Co. Prosecutor Mary Kellett

Press release here. Excerpt:

'WASHINGTON / May 7, 2013 – A state ethics board has issued a report concluding Hancock County prosecutor Mary N. Kellett engaged in multiple counts of prosecutorial misconduct arising from a 2009 assault trial. The ethical violations include ignoring a court order, misleading members of a jury, evidence suppression, and indulging in “conduct unworthy of an attorney.”

The Board of Overseers of the Bar report petitions the Maine Supreme Judicial Board to impose “appropriate disciplinary sanction” on assistant district attorney Kellett.

The Board report, issued April 24, 2013, documents how Kellett engaged in a series of maneuvers designed to withhold exculpatory documents that would have demonstrated the innocence of Vladek Filler, charged in 2007 on five counts of spousal sexual assault.'

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