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Updates on the O2/Symantec censorship issue

An update from John Kimble:

I thought it was time to update people on the progress that we've made on the issue of O2/Symantec censoring and defaming men's human rights sites.

Firstly I want to thank everyone who had blogged about this issue, it's fantastic to see it discussed in so many different places and even in different languages. I thought this article on Trigger Alert was particularly good and Tom Golden has written a nice piece on AVoiceForMen, too. There's a even Youtube video helping bring the message to a wider audience which I thoroughly recommend viewing and also plenty of material over at Fathers for Life.

I've written several new articles further investigating the issue which are essential viewing, for example highlighting some extreme feminists sites that aren't blocked, how feminists get their sites unblocked, and how O2/Symantec even treat men's rights websites as more hateful than far right groups. I also contacted ISP Review who wrote a good article on the issue which led to Symantec blocking a radical feminist site.

The list of banned sites has now expanded to 109 and now even includes UK Political party Justice for Men and Boys, so we now have not just censorship and defamation by Symantec/O2 but also interference in the democratic process too. Another new addition is Fathers4Justice Quebec so which could be to our benefit in overturning this as it's such a well known name. Finally, whilst not explicitly a men's rights site, The Campaign Against Political Correctness is now also blocked as "hate", meaning a body heavily supported by two British MPs is now censored and thus they are too.

I managed to find the direct contact details for the Rulespace team and emailed them the entire list of wrongly blocked sites. Unfortunately they were completely useless and agreed to unblock just one site. However, as a result of further complaints, I'm pleased to announce that I'm now in communication with senior Symantec management who have at least promised to "look into the matter", therefore it's now more important than ever to keep up the pressure. Further good news is that Angry Harry has now joined the campaign in earnest and has some interesting strategies for applying pressure on these companies.

For those Tweeting about this issue please remember to write "@O2" and "@Symantec" in your Tweet so they are forced see it. Perhaps we can also start a Twitter hashtag for the scandal such as #SexistSymantec. Even just commenting on or "liking" other people's articles helps as it shows they're reaching a wide audience.

I'll be adding a least one more article to the Rights of Man blog later this week and I'll be in touch again once I hear from Symantec.

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