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IA: Tell the ACLU: Stop defending forced circumcision

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2011, the ACLUNC* argued that the San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill, a ballot initiative to restrict non-therapeutic circumcision to consenting adults, violated the parental right to subject boys to ritual circumcision in order to satisfy the religious beliefs of some parents. The ACLUNC lent its support in a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco to have the initiative (which received the support of over 12,000 San Francisco voters) removed from the ballot thus squelching democracy by denying voters their voice.

Later that year, the ACLUNC endorsed AB 768, a state law which prohibits any city in California from protecting boys from forced, non-therapeutic circumcision.

In response to outrage from the community over these actions of the ACLUNC, a representative from ACLU National defended the actions of its Northern California affiliate.'

* Ed.: Link to contact info. added.

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