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DV: A Society Biased Against Males?

Article here. Excerpt:

'While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, male-oriented abuse occurs more often than many think. Naturally, men are stronger than women but that does not necessarily make it easier for them to have their way all the time.

According to a 2010 National Survey by the Centres for Disease Control and U.S Department of Justice, in the last 12 months, more men have been victims of intimate-partner physical violence than women.

The survey also indicates that men were also more often victims of psychological aggression. It is not also impossible that gender-biased individuals have overtime managed to sway society into believing that there are more female victims of domestic violence than men. Yet, men are being ignored and threatened by a double-edged sword; they are victimized by partners who also complain about being abused.

Also, an abused man faces a shortage of resources, skepticism from Police and other major legal obstacles, especially when it comes to gaining custody of his children from an abusive mother. Could it be natural or was it designed by men themselves?'

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