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NPO: Our Gift for Shared Parenting

Article here. Excerpt:

'Each year, we give $5,000 to an organization we consider most worthy. This year, we have selected National Parents Organization and we intend to become regular contributors. 

Since 2009, we have worked with six young men who have aged out of foster care. They refer to us as their grandparents. They are all now 26-years old. Over the years, we have seen them struggle to have joint custody or even visitation rights.

The women have often accused them of spousal abuse. Often, the women have hurt themselves to show the police “what he did to me.” The police and the courts always believe the women. One young man, whom we’ll call Roger, had his bail set at $100,000. We hired a lawyer, who had the bail reduced to $10,000 because the woman was a felon. Had we not hired this lawyer, the young man would still be in prison.'

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