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Party official thinks male candidates are “out of line” for running for office

Article here. Gee, I always thought it was the right of any given eligible adult citizen in a republic like ours to try to run for political office. Guess if they're not of "the right sex", SOME people think otherwise. Excerpt:

'Just as the women’s marches and #MeToo helped define 2017, the surging numbers of female candidates have defined the midterm races now underway. Yet for all that, the November elections may not produce a similar surge in the number of women in Congress.
Republicans, meanwhile, have endorsed a woman, Pearl Kim, a daughter of South Korean immigrants and a former county prosecutor and deputy state attorney general who could appeal to the well-educated women who have long been considered swing voters in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

“I honestly feel the men who stepped in are out of line,” said Rachel Amdur, the vice chairwoman of the Haverford Democratic Committee, which has stayed neutral in the race. “This is what women do, women recognize it’s not their year all the time. Men do not.”

“The drivers of the Democrats are women,” she said. “It makes me crazy that when it comes to voting, people say, ‘Oh, we’ve got to have the man.’”

Ashley Lunkenheimer, a Democratic candidate who is a former federal prosecutor and whose campaign literature prominently features her wife and three young children, agreed. “This is not us versus them,” she told the audience at the recent Saturday meet-and-greet. “But we have a moment.”'

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