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College sex ed training calls students ‘NOOBS’ for failing module

Article here. Excerpt:

'The material teaches that women can change their mind about consent the day after an encounter, effectively leaving women with the ability to re-write history and accuse sexual partners of inappropriate behavior despite receiving consent.

Sydney Jacobs, a former student at American University, told Red Alert Politics she was threatened with academic probation when she did not complete the online training during the Spring semester of 2017.

“As a reminder, any undergraduate student that does not meet this requirement will be referred to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services and be assigned an educational sanction,” an email sent from the AU Wellness Center to Jacobs read in part.
“This is a program that is now mandated by public schools, as in school’s paid for by the taxpayer, saying that it is okay to rescind consent and then man is always at fault. That’s a problem,” Jacobs said.'

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