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A Guide to Dating Women Raised in a Matriarchy

Article here. Excerpt:

'I have since learned that it is a shocking amount of trouble to tell men on first dates that I was raised by a single mom. They are always well-intentioned, flirtatious, curious, nice — and blindingly ignorant. At first I thought they just lacked imagination. But I’ve come to see their responses as indicative of a more primal fear: Lots of people think that women need men, if not for their charm and likability, then at least for their ability to father children. A girl with no dad suggests maybe men aren’t so necessary after all.
My mom chose to be a single mom and also had five children: My older siblings and I have donor dads, and my two younger siblings are adopted from Guatemala.

When I tell my dates I grew up without a dad, I can see the synapses in their brains begin to spark. The first question that comes up for them is, I think, simply a curious one: What would a life without a father look like? And then panic sets in: Where did the father go? Were there no men? What happened to the men? Does she hate men? And then, the rational and generous part of the brain re-enters and produces a soothing idea: It must have been a weird and almost inexplicable life, which I can try to excavate through my clever questions.'

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