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Kavanaugh and the Assault on Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women’s anger is also invoked to justify eliding traditional methods of fact-gathering and verification; an accusation is enough, and the assumption is that all women will believe other women. “Today, every woman in America was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s co-witness,” a tweet from TimesUp stated. “We believe you. We are with you. #BelieveSurvivors.”  In a public statement demanding that Kavanaugh withdraw his nomination, the organization doubled down on the idea that an accusation should be taken as proof enough of male turpitude: “A man accused of multiple instances of sexual violence cannot have decision-making power over the lives of American women for decades to come.”
But something unexpected happened on the way to his character assassination: Kavanaugh defended himself and was defended by others, including many women. Where feminists wanted women to see themselves in the seat Christine Blasey Ford occupied, many instead saw their sons or husbands or brothers sitting in the chair where Kavanaugh sat. 

And they should have, and they still should. For what the Kavanaugh nomination did was bring the Star-Chamber-driven transformation of gender norms into broader view. For several years now on many college campuses, regrettable sex has been an actionable offense that can get young men expelled without anything remotely resembling due process.'

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