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School helps students ‘nurture feminist masculinities’ during ‘Masculinities Month’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity at the University of Kansas has devoted the month of February to developing “feminist masculinities” and questioning “the collective socialization of men” through a slate of activities they’ve dubbed “Masculinities Month.”
“Through these [events], the Emily Taylor Center encourages you to learn about and question the ‘collective socialization of men,’ the ‘traditional masculine script,’ and the concept of ‘the man box’; consider the relationship between intersectionality and masculinities; explore the differences between patriarchy and feminism as well as between patriarchal masculinity and feminist masculinity,” the center’s website states.

“We also share strategies for those seeking to practice and/or nurture feminist masculinities in their everyday lives.”

The center did not respond to The College Fix’s request for comment on event attendance so far, as well as where the funding for the month’s programs comes from.

Two of the month’s events are “zine” nights, where participants can gather to make “zines” or tiny homemade magazines. One event is geared toward zines where participants can “create your own counternarrative.” The zines will be collected, copied, and disseminated on-campus by the center. Organizers of the zine events did not respond to requests for comment on the expected turnout for the activities.'

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