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Court rejects man’s ‘ludicrous’ version of sexual assault


The only thing ludicrous about Balkar Singh Basra’s story about sexual assault may be the Court’s ignorance.

Awaking to a naked woman after consensual sex later crying rape is completely plausible to many who dated a soft spoken, attractive, intelligent woman infected with disorders like narcissism, bi-polar, and/or borderline personality.

Alcoholism, illicit drug use, and other self-defeating behaviors follow such women like the plague. Many crave affection; are incapable of commitment, terrified of abandonment and act out sexually. They lie pathologically.

Such women take no responsibility for their actions, have more personalities than Quebec has politicians and jump any breathing set of bones. Then, remember nothing, deny everything, and blame all on the nearest unsuspecting schmuck.

If science isn’t enough, I remember the puke, being pulled into bushes to have sex in public places, and the false accusation that almost sent me to jail like Balkar. Since then I have helped numerous bushwhacked men stay free.

These are trying times for men constantly at risk of mentally impaired predatory women and ideologically corrupt court systems taken over by the misandric craziness of radical Supremist Fe-Me-Ism. Men should not drink and date at the same time lest penis point toward jail.

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