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The California Men’s Centers began as the San Diego Men’s Center in late 2004. Within five years we hope to have centers in other locations in California. Hence, the generic California Men’s Centers.

The Center offers information, referral, mediation preparation, individual coaching, support groups, and DNA paternity testing. For a complete list see our “Services” page. NOTE: We are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.

We are supported entirely by private funding, mostly individual donations. We have no desire to seek federal or state grants which if secured would necessarily make us part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Even if organizations such as ours could get state funding anti-male sentiment drives the funding sources, allocating legislation, and provision of services.

Men are discriminated against, especially in westernized societies.
Consequently, a plethora of various services exist for almost any group
other than men, particularly heterosexual men, their families, and the
women that love them.

For example, California prohibits the use of state funds to provide
services for heterosexual males and male children over the age of 12
who are victims of domestic violence. This example readily shows the
depth of System discrimination against males even when young and

When talking about the California Men’s Center San Diego numerous
people have asked if it’s a gay rights organization, which it is not, except
in terms of equal rights for men, all men, regardless of sexual

In fact, the primary focus of the Men’s Center is helping men, their
families, and the women that love them, though we encourage others
to become actively involved. Consequently we started a Second
Spouses Club primarily for women. Many gays and lesbians are
confronted with discordant child custody; paternity, abuse, and related
issues and we welcome their participation as well. It’s interesting that
so many people associate the word men with being gay, as if
heterosexual men and their issues are simply not worth considering.

We will help anyone seeking our services within our ability and
resources; however, we reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.

The Men’s Center intends to fill voids in the provision of community
services with innovative services and programs, not replicate
established ones. People seeking Men’s Center services will be
referred to established service providers as applicable and appropriate
at the sole discretion of the Men’s Center.

Ask yourself, “Why raise our sons to be disposable?”

NOTE: Nothing in this website is legal advice. If you need legal advice
consult with an attorney well experienced in applicable field of law. If
you need a family law attorney find experienced in family law attorneys.

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